Decorating with Unicorns: A Magical Trend

The imagination has no limits when it comes to giving new life to our homes. Unicorns can help to create a unique and charming environment, and not only in children's bedrooms.
Decorating with Unicorns: A Magical Trend

Last update: 27 March, 2022

Currently, there are many decorative styles with diverse inspiration, however, the main trend points to originality. For this reason, it’s not surprising that mythological beings from literature and art are now making an appearance in our decor. Decorating with unicorns brings mysticism and surreal charm.

Although in the past, unicorn shapes and symbols may have been conceived as an extravagance, today, the presentations are endless. Equally, they all share a particular trait in that they’re very eye-catching.

Home and office decor has opened the door to these magical creatures and far from providing a childish aspect to the environment, they provide originality and spontaneity. 

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The use of unicorns in medieval decor

In reality, using unicorns in decor, both indoors and outdoors, isn’t new. In fact, they were a common element in tapestries and other works of art from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance period. However, nowadays, they no longer have the same meaning.

In those times, the symbolism of the unicorn referred, above all, to Christian beliefs. This creature was considered to represent Christ and came to be a symbol of purity, chastity, and innocence. However, historians indicate that this isn’t the only dimension of its meaning.

The unicorn, as a symbol, is mysterious, since its origin in the collective imagination is full of ambiguities. According to testimonies collected in various ancient sources, there may have been a creature with features similar to those attributed to the unicorn. However, since conclusive evidence of it was never found, it remained a myth.

Decorating with unicorns has become fashionable in recent years.
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Researchers affirm that one of the reasons for the existence of the unicorn in the collective imagination lies in the fact that the human being sought to cling to an element that represented eternal life and other ideals.

Now, beyond its complex symbology, the unicorn constitutes a mystery. It feeds the imagination and has managed to jump out of fantasy works and enter decor.

Decorating with unicorns: today’s decor

Unlike historical murals, tapestries, stone statues, and other works, in today’s decor, unicorns are represented as white horses. They’re a stylized silhouette with a single horn on their foreheads.

Objects in this shape adapt to all kinds of styles, even 3D geometric sculptures. As such, the details of its presentation can vary considerably and easily adapt to the tastes of each person.

There are thousands of ways to decorate with unicorns.
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It should be noted that unicorns are found as decorative objects that can have more than one function. This is the case with clocks and lamps, for example.

Hunting trophies are a great novelty in interior decor depicting unicorns. These are three-dimensional figures of the creature’s head that are hung on the wall and from which other objects such as flower garlands and ribbons can be hung.

The trophies or busts of unicorns not only bring originality but also greater richness in terms of perspective. Other widely used unicorn-shaped decorative objects are:

  • Cushions.
  • Vinyl stickers.
  • Mirror frames.
  • Furniture of all kinds: puffs, headboards for beds, and so on.
  • Wooden, metal, silicone, and stuffed figures (not necessarily toys).
  • Pictorial representations of medieval, modern, minimalist, street art, fantasy art, and others.
  • Unusual and curious objects such as showerheads and various tools (scissors, tweezers, among others).
Decorating with unicorns does not have to give a childish result.
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Decorating with unicorns and rainbows

Recently, the unicorn has been attributed a much more colorful appearance. This is in view of the popularization of the myth that they’re incapable of feeling anything other than joy. For this reason, the most striking versions of objects with their shape include colored hair or various types of rainbow accessories.

Nowadays, multicolored unicorns are much more attractive than white ones, since this mythological being is synonymous with fun, beauty, and joy.

Decorating bedrooms with unicorns is a recent trend.

However, the explosion of color doesn’t prevent unicorns from being used in decor for all age groups. Now it only remains to decide how to incorporate them in a creative way to suit the styles of our homes.