Decorating for Singles: your Home, your Castle

Decorating for singles. A home made just for you. Do you know what you need and what you don't? No? In that case, read on.
Decorating for Singles: your Home, your Castle

Last update: 28 January, 2021

For some people, living alone is a dream come true. Others, however, can’t even imagine living without a partner, until the reality of living in an empty house comes crashing down on them. Decorating for singles can be a fun way to make your house your own, filling it with anything you like, adding details which reflect your passions, and creating a home where you can simply be yourself.

Whether you have chosen to live independently or you’ve just gone through a break-up, being faced with the challenge of decorating your new house can seem a little overwhelming. So, in this article, we’ll give you some advice to make the whole process a little easier.

Basic furniture for singles

It’s not a question of getting your house perfectly decorated in the space of a week. You can decorate your home one bit at a time. Give yourself time to work out what you really need, both for yourself, and for your home. That way, you can go out and make sensible, well thought-out purchases. The following pieces of furniture are essential for any home, and are a great place to start.

The living room

A small sofa and simple decor are perfect for singles.

You can combine a small and comfortable sofa with floor cushions for when you have guests round. A coffee table isn’t essential, as you can actually make your own with a wooden trunk and a nice tray.

Add a rug to give your living room a warm and welcoming feel, some pictures or paintings to reflect your personality, like posters with characters or scenes from your TV series or movies, or anything else that will bring a smile to your space.

As for decorations, try not to go overboard. Minimalism is in, and it’s always better to get just a few items that you really like than to fill your home with useless junk.

 The dining room

Nordic style furniture is perfect for singles.

Simple and essential: a table and four chairs. The one you choose will depend on your budget and how likely you are to throw parties and have friends round, but we would recommend choosing Nordic style furniture. It can work well with almost any style, and will give your decor a charming look.

In the kitchen

A breakfast bar or island is perfect for singles.

This is a room which you will need to pay particular attention to. If your house or apartment already has a fully fitted kitchen, great! But if you need to make it your own or add any extra elements, it will almost certainly be expensive. Why? Domestic appliances are essential and long-lasting, especially if you choose them well.

We should also mention that its energy efficiency will also depend on how much you spend, so it’s important to invest in a good washing machine, fridge, oven and cooktop.

When it comes to utensils, you might be able to get by with just a frying pan, saucepan and a small casserole pot. It’ll simply depend on the food you like. Maybe you’re a fan of Asian food and need a wok, or maybe you’re trying out the raw food trend.

As for your crockery, you could buy a basic set for six people, which will mean you have enough for when guests come round. The same goes for mugs, glasses, and cutlery.

Do you know what else is great for singles? A breakfast bar, where you can eat or drink, or even an office, which can be really practical and comfortable.

The bathroom

Singles in particular need a well organized bathroom.

Order is essential when it comes to decorating for singles. Make life easier for yourself and don’t waste time constantly tidying or searching for things. The bathroom is one of the key places to get organized.

You can add wicker baskets – one for towels, another for toiletries and a third for soap and flowers to make your bathroom smell great. Whoever said that singles don’t pay attention to the little details?


Cestos de mimbre para colocar debajo de la cama.

Your home is your castle, the place where you relax, and where you’ll be spending a lot of your spare time. Rest is important for your health, so it’s good to invest in a great quality mattress.

According to the principles of Feng Shui, a headboard is essential. Put up shelves with decorations and ornaments and add a chest of drawers where you can store all your belongings.

Finally, try to keep your closet organized. Don’t let useless, unnecessary things build up, and establish a good cleaning routine so that you don’t fall into bad habits. Decorating for singles has many advantages if you know how to find them and make the most of them.

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