Decorating for a Baptism Celebration

Decor plays a key role in important events like baptisms. Make sure to go over ever last detail for a truly special day.
Decorating for a Baptism Celebration

Last update: 05 December, 2019

For a big celebration like a baptism of a new family member to flow perfectly decor and organization is key.

Baptisms are a celebration that usually involves a large number of guests, children and adults alike. Make sure that everything is ready to receive them.

For these kinds of big events, you have to take care of every last detail, have everything ready at all times and know what your guests like. So, the decor for your celebration is essential. But the meal, music, and games are also important as well.

Picking the right spot

baptism spot

First things first, consider the number of guests you’re planning on hosting and their ages. Hosting a few children and hosting many children call for different plans. Similarly, planning for 100 guests is entirely different from planning for 30.

If you’re expecting a large number of guests, consider hosting the celebration at a reception hall or in a large outdoor area under a tent. Whatever you choose, make sure your guests have enough space to feel comfortable.

If it’s nice outside, plan the venue under a large tent to protect the guests from the sun. On the other hand, if the weather is cold or rainy, consider closed-in options instead. Some tents can be set-up anywhere, making for a convenient option.

The main objective is to make everyone feel comfortable.

Dining decor

baptism dining decor

You need to know what elements you require to decorate a baptism celebration in addition to making the right decor choices for the meal.

  • Just as for weddings, circular tables are the best option. Circular tables keep everyone connected throughout the meal.
  • Take your time to choose a principle color for the baptism celebration. This color will work as your color theme and you can use it for your tablecloths to give it more protagonist.
  • You can use seat covers for the chairs if you want to create a more elegant setting. Or, if you prefer to keep things casual, leave them as they are.
  • Try to contrast the napkins with the tablecloth, especially if you’re using a light tablecloth.
  • You can also use the tableware as visual decor. Try using it to create contrast or simply use neutral tones like dark colors, grays or whites for a subtle presence.

Decorating for a baptism celebration – self-serve stations

baptism self serve

More catering services are offering a self-serve station in addition to their services. While these self-serve stations aren’t popular for baptism celebrations yet, they’re a great option. But what exactly are they?

  • Self-serve stations are tables that work like buffet tables. Guests walk up and help themselves.
  • You can set up a candy table where children can fill a goody bag of their favorite sweets.
  • Or, you can set up a cake table to invite guests to pick their desserts.
  • You can also consider a mini-bar where adults can taste and order drinks.

Any self-serve table that you can think of will be great. Whatever you do, just make sure that you set up the table near the center of the dining area.

Kiddy corner and games

baptism kiddy corner

Fun games and activities should be included in a baptism. There has to be music and games. Make sure you leave room for them.

  • If you plan on hiring a DJ or a live group, try to keep their stage close to the dining area. You can decorate with flowers, candles or any other decor accessories.
  • As you’ll most likely have children among your guest list, you’ll have to keep them entertainedConsider setting up a play area full of toys, bounce house or anything else you can think of. But make sure that it isn’t too close to the adults’ zone!
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