Music Selection for an Elegant Dinner

It's important to think of ambiance through the best hand-picked music selection. This is because setting an elegant dinner goes beyond focusing solely on material resources such as tablecloths, dishes, lighting, etc.
Music Selection for an Elegant Dinner

Last update: 13 November, 2019

Music selection is an important part of any dinner party. You must take care of every little detail in such as table linen, dishes, protocol, etc. However, sometimes you may overlook something as simple as creating a pleasant and positive ambiance. So, don’t forget to add good music to your dinner parties.

Many occasions, meetings, and events such as ceremonies, weddings, and baptisms take place without any music. Generally, there’s no background sound whatsoever until the dance floor finally opens and the party really starts.

Indeed, it can be nice to select a playlist in order to instill a positive atmosphere into a gathering. Let’s not forget that music can alter our mood and lead to all sorts of sensations.

Music is a true reflection of our feelings

A turntable playing an LP.

Music can play a very important role at a dinner. You can decorate your environment with it. That is, a type of invisible decoration in this case, but one perceived by the ears. This is what comes to mind when you think of intangible art.

Feelings are usually reflected in movies and songs. So, why not apply the same concept to a celebration? Music is a soundtrack that can describe the events happening at any given moment.

Music can play a descriptive role in what’s going one. That’s to say, it’s a way of complementing an event to provide the kind of ambiance that accommodates any situation and allows your guests to enjoy their evening even more.

“Music is the soundtrack of life.”

Dick clark

Music selection for a gala dinner

Music for a gala dinner.

If you’re in the process of organizing a gala dinner, where elegance must predominate, then it’s important that you liven everything up with music. So, what are the best styles? Let’s look at some examples:

  • Classical music is, without a doubt, the main indicator to consider if you’re about to host a formal dinner party. It shows style, elitism, and is a reflection of the cultural knowledge of the organizer.
  • Instrumental background music. This is not a definite style, but merely a simple instrumental interpretation that can generate a very pleasant atmosphere.
  • Big hits. Some songs that have marked an era can serve perfectly for an important moment. You could use musicians such as Frank Sinatra, Louis Amstrong, Dave Pike, and Hugo Diaz.

Music for an elegant yet informal dinner

A person playing a sax.

We often meet at a dinner where people arrive well-groomed, with their costumes and striking outfits. However, the occasion is also informal because of the atmosphere, space where it takes place, and the purpose of the dinner itself … What music is better here?

  • Jazz. This genre is a clear example of the underground world of the United States and has increasingly had a presence in bars, and at parties, and celebrations. Jazz can bring an indifferent, daring and unique touch, always in a relaxed way.
  • Chill out. To create a calmer environment, where everything is relaxing and there is no stimulation, this genre can be ideal. It doesn’t mean that you have to use quieter versions but instead look for a mental disconnection.
  • Alternative. This style of music can range from electronic to rock. It’s not necessary to play music that is too loud to charge the atmosphere, but songs that are familiar and pleasant. For example, groups like U2, Leonard Cohen, Coldplay, etc.

“I see music as fluid architecture.”

Joni Mitchell

Romantic dinners or celebrations

A cassette tape arranged as hearts.

At a time as important as a celebration of a couple, such as an anniversary, a proposal, or any other event that involves a celebration, there are numerous musical formulas to decorate the environment.

  • Ballads. If you want to generate a very romantic atmosphere, the tranquility provided by ballads is perfect. For example, songs by Luis Miguel, Diana Navarro, Julio Iglesias, and Il Divo.
  • Pop. Although it may be paradoxical, this genre can fit very well. In addition, the songs are better known and liven dinner up very much. Some examples could be Enrique Iglesias, La Oreja de Van Gogh, Amaral, Malú, and Alejandro Sanz.

Music selection for a Christmas dinner

Christmas music and ornaments.

Although some famous Christmas carols will surely come to mind, it is not necessary to resort to them as the only solution. There are other very Christmas ideas:

  • Movie soundtracks. Some movies with music that fit well into the Christmas environment may be Eduardo Manos Tijeras, Love Actually, and Nightmare before Christmas.
  • Music from the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s. Great hits will help transport relatives to their youthful times, bringing them good memories.

In short, a good music selection livens up dinners, generates a good atmosphere, and changes the mood. Liven up your dinners using the best playlist for each situation.

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