Decorating Ideas for a 15th Birthday Party

In our post today we want to share some ideas for original 15th birthday party decor.
Decorating Ideas for a 15th Birthday Party

Last update: 21 August, 2019

In some cultures, turning 15 marks a special life event for teenagers. Many choose a certain decor or theme to center their party decor around. The party decor needs to transmit youth, energy and an air of sophistication. Thus, everything in the decor should suit the birthday girl or boy’s interests.

A classic or romantic decor tends to be the most popular options for 15th birthday parties. But there are also other popular party themes as well. Additionally, these birthday parties can take place indoors or outdoors, during the day or at night.

In our post today, we want to share some 15th birthday party decor ideas. Remember to choose your colors carefully as well as the combination of materials, layout and more.

Color palette

15th birthday party color

The most popular colors for 15th birthday parties are pastel, light or pinkish tones. Ideally, the colors should create a dainty yet lively setting. They need to reflect the youth of the host and the rest of the party guests. Here are some color combinations that will work great for a party:

  • White and pink
  • Purple and white
  • Purple and sky blue
  • White and mint green
  • Sky blue and white
  • White and silver
  • Light colors with dark details (like gray or black)

All of the objects you use to decorate your setting should respect your color palette. Never limit yourself to just using one color because the end result will be overwhelming and unpleasant to look at. Use your main color together with a light or dark color to balance the tones in your setting.

When adding table centerpieces, curtains, tablecloths, floral arrangements, balloons, and other elements, remember to follow your color palette.


Balloons are the most popular decor element for 15th birthday parties. As in any party, decorate with balloons in varied ways throughout the space. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Ceiling decor

Floating helium balloons to the ceiling is a popular decor idea for 15th birthday parties. Cover the entire ceiling with balloons in all kinds of colors and sizes. In addition, tie them with various ribbons of the same colors.

Table centerpieces

Balloon centerpieces are also a common party decor. Tie a group of small balloons on to a pretty decorative element to create a centerpiece.

Balloon arch

Welcoming your guests with a beautiful balloon arch at the entrance is another great idea. You can also add in flowers between the balloons for more romantic decor.

Spell out your name

Try decorating your party with letter balloons. Spell out your name and arrange them over your seat.

Decorate your tables

Main table

Your table decor should also follow the same color palette as the rest of your setting. If you’re using a white and silver theme, for example, a shiny tablecloth could be a great idea. You can also try decorating the bottoms of the glasses and centerpieces as well.

Candy table

A candy table is a party tradition that you can’t forget. If you’re planning on having a candy theme for your party, the candy table will be the most important part of your decor. Match the colors with the rest of your setting and look for candy in those colors as well. Add pastel-colored and white candy-shaped balloons as well.

15 birthday party decor candy

The perfect lighting for a party

Lighting plays a fundamental role in a 15th birthday bash by creating the right ambiance. Plan the lighting to suit your indoor or outdoor setting. For birthdays, most people try to aim for gentle, warm lighting.

Try light curtains on one or all of the walls around the main table or in a specific area. Or, you can also throw an outdoor night party and use little garden lanterns to create a magical setting.

You can use any of our ideas and plenty more to decorate an amazing 15th birthday bash. As we mentioned earlier, remember to match the colors carefully and use materials that suit your decor. Your main goal should be creating a beautiful space where each and every element is where it needs to be. And remember, your decor should reflect the birthday boy or girl!