Decorate with Bamboo: The Sustainable Material You'll Love

Why not decorate with bamboo? It's an eco-friendly material, resistant, flexible and so warm that you can't help but fall in love with it.
Decorate with Bamboo: The Sustainable Material You'll Love

Last update: 29 June, 2023

We’ve all noticed that sustainability has become a hot topic. Furniture and construction companies seek to be sustainable too and this is exactly how bamboo is gaining ground. When we decorate with bamboo, it brings a certain freshness to our homes.

It’s one of the simplest, most resistant, most economical, and most beautiful materials that exist. Present in different ways and forms from accessories to furniture, it contributes to creating a welcoming and elegant environment. If you’ve not surrendered to its charms, we guarantee that you will after reading this article!

Decorate with bamboo: reasons to love it

Bamboo coffee table, a novelty in interior design

Bamboo is one of the most widely used natural fibers. It’s ecological, resistant, and capable of providing a lot of warmth. Until recently it was a regular material used outdoors and was mostly found in gardens, patios, and terraces. Here, it added a homely touch to open and outdoor spaces. However, this material, so popular in Asia, has also found its way into the interiors of our homes.

In addition to how beautiful bamboo is and how easy it is to combine it, given its neutral tone, it’s got numerous advantages. The most important one is that it’s a one hundred percent ecological and sustainable material. It’s the fastest-growing plant on the planet, even if you cut it down. Moreover, it can reach up to 70 meters tall.

This is because bamboo is a herbaceous plant, which means that each year it sprouts anew. Equally, it doesn’t need any previous manipulation or chemical processing to use, as often is the case with other materials.

But that’s not all! Its fiber composition makes it resistant, yet, at the same time flexible. This is why you can have it in the form of a chair, a rug, flooring, or even kitchenware.

Having said all this, you’ll undoubtedly be eager to include some pieces of this material in your home. It may be exactly what you need to bring freshness to your home.

Shopping to decorate with bamboo

Now that you know everything that bamboo brings to your life, the time has come for you to take a look at decor stores!

Sustainable commitment

One of the decor firms most committed to sustainability is IKEA. They intend to use more and more controlled materials, without forgetting the quality and design to which you’re accustomed.

That’s why you’ll find hundreds of objects made of bamboo, even a folding table that’s perfect for small spaces. Whether in a dining room or kitchen, IKEA tables will make your life easier and they have a large selection made from bamboo.

Get organized

IKEA again, but this time with the IVAR storage combination. It has bamboo doors and includes a multitude of open and closed wooden shelves. It’s a capable solution that you can assemble to your liking and place in the hall or in the living room. What’s more, it has space to store everything you want.

A bamboo ladder

The decor opportunities for ladders are immense and it has an infinite number of uses. Bamboo also resists humidity well, making it ideal for serving as a towel rack in the bathroom. Look online and find bamboo ladders. Some are even handmade and completely respectful of the environment.

Bamboo roller blinds: naturalism and distinction

Shine a light: decorate with bamboo

Among the most popular objects made of bamboo are lamps and lanterns, capable of giving warm and cozy lighting. In most decor stores you’ll find a lot to choose from.

For example, if you choose one with a beautiful braid, it’ll become the queen of your dining room.

Bamboo decor for plants

Plants have also surrendered to the charms of this noble material too. Bamboo pots will fill your spaces with nature, harmony, and beauty. Put it in combination with other pots in different materials and you’ll have a winning combination.


How will you decorate with bamboo?

Bamboo decor offers many possibilities. Use it in every corner of your home and you’ll enjoy a pleasant atmosphere thanks to its color and its softness.

Rugs, kitchen utensils, screens, ornaments, chests of drawers, and headboards for your bedroom, the suggestions are numerous, but now it’s up to you to decide which one you prefer!

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