Indoor Plants to Cool Your Home During Summer

These indoor plants not only help to keep your home cool, but they also help to purify the air. Discover the best plants to grow in your home this summer.
Indoor Plants to Cool Your Home During Summer

Last update: 04 August, 2022

We all cope with the intense heat of summer in different ways. But did you know that one way to keep cool is by having indoor plants? There are certain indoor plants that can cool your home. If you haven’t heard of this before, we’re going to explain the plants that can help.

In addition to helping you withstand intense temperatures, these plants will make your home look beautiful. Used as another decorative element, you’ll be able to create a natural and welcoming environment with color and vitality. Read on to find out which species you should grow right now.

Indoor plants to cool your home and purify the air

The plants that we’re going to recommend, not only help to cool your home, but also purify the air and create an environment that’s good for your health. Take note of each one, choose the one you like the best and start growing!

One of the plants to refresh the house is the sansevieria.
One of the indoor plants to cool your home is the sansevieria.


Sansevieria, also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, is one of the most beautiful and useful plants to grow indoors. It adapts well to both hot and cold climates, making it ideal for summer

This plant humidifies the air, which contributes to greater and better air circulation at home. It even cleans the air during this process too, removing toxic substances. Keep in mind that it likes natural light, but not direct sunlight.

If you don’t have much time to devote to gardening, a sansevieria is perfect for you as it requires little care and moderate watering.


Laurel is a plant with multiple properties. In fact, it’s an aromatic plant often used to marinate meat and different culinary preparations. However, it also absorbs humidity, so it maintains the temperature balance while purifying the air.

Grown indoors in a pot makes it a little more demanding in terms of its needs. It requires constant watering and a good amount of natural light, as well as good drainage to avoid waterlogging. Although the effort will be worth it because, among its other uses, its fragrance helps to drive away insects.

Bamboo palm

The bamboo palm is a plant that grows quite large. It can reach up to two meters in height and as such, is an ideal plant for homes with high ceilings.

It doesn’t require direct sunlight, but it does require abundant watering. It also purifies the air by removing carbon monoxide. You can have it indoors and outdoors.

The ribbon

This is one of the quintessential indoor plants for keeping your home cool during summer. It also removes carbon monoxide and purifies and freshens the air.

Regardless of the space where you put your ribbon plant, you’ll notice that it absorbs heat and helps to maintain a more bearable temperature. In winter, it should only be watered once a week, while in summer you can water it up to three times a week.

The pothos grows very well in water, so it does not require constant watering.
Pothos grows in water, so it doesn’t require constant watering.


Pothos is a beautiful vine-like plant that looks great on surfaces where it can hang. It helps to freshen the air in the home and it eliminates toxic substances present in the environment.

This specimen doesn’t require much care or irrigation, since it grows in water (no soil required) and it enjoys plenty of natural light. If it’s grown in soil, it should be watered every ten days in the winter and every five days in the summer.

Lemon tree: indoor plants to cool your home

More than a plant, the lemon tree is a beautiful shrub. When the fruits bloom, the colors and fragrances are simply stunning. Without a doubt, it’s a desirable and natural decorative element.

This plant produces a lot of oxygen and occasionally, during the intense summer, it regulates the temperature while scenting the home.

Regarding its care, it does require a lot of sunlight and daily watering during the summer. While during the winter, it needs watering every two or three days.

Which indoor plants to cool your home will you choose?

We’ve reviewed six different indoor plants to cool your home and purify the air during the summer. Choose the ones that best suit your needs, your style, and the conditions of your home. As you’ve read, you can enjoy their purifying characteristics throughout the year.