Decor Mistakes That can Ruin Your Living Room

Discover the most common decor mistakes in the living room. Moreover, after reading this article, you'll know the keys to avoiding or correcting them!
Decor Mistakes That can Ruin Your Living Room

Last update: 22 December, 2021

Your living room should be a practical and beautiful place where you feel completely comfortable. After all, it’s the room where you spend most of your downtime and where you welcome your friends and guests. Therefore, it’s worth considering the decor mistakes that can ruin your living room so that you can avoid them and create the perfect environment.

Next, you’ll be able to discover the most common decor mistakes in the living room. Moreover, you’ll know the keys to avoid or correct them!

Beware of the decor mistakes that can ruin your living room

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Not combining the entire room

It’s very important to learn how to choose your color palette correctly and how to play with different tones. Otherwise, your living room may look like a department store catalog.

Forget about matching your curtains with your cushions and seeking out the exact color match between your walls and rugs. It’s about creating harmony between all colors and objects while giving it that personal touch that’s yours alone.

Here’s an additional tip: go slowly! You don’t have to complete the entire living room decor in one go. Plan ahead and you’ll see that you’ll easily succeed in meeting your objective.

Not considering the distribution of furniture

As the living room is one of the areas where people usually gather, it must be comfortable to navigate, without furniture obstructing your passage. It should give a feeling of spaciousness.

Here’s an additional tip: create a path that you can walk and position your sofas in such a way that you can move between them without bumping or knocking into anything.

Golden furniture in Parisian style.

Not creating the right balance when it comes to luxury

If you like elegant living rooms, don’t over-saturate your decor and only use subtle elements. Don’t go overboard with flamboyant finishes or you’ll create an adverse effect.

Here’s an additional tip: add details in gold and noble materials such as marble or wood in some of your furniture pieces.

Extra-large paintings and wallhangings

Hanging large-format paintings or wall hangings is typically one of the decor errors that can ruin your living room. Avoid doing this unless your living room is sizable and worthy of a palace.

Here’s an additional tip: take care of the dimensions you use. This relates to both the size of your paintings and the size of your wall, alongside the height at which you’re going to hang it.

Avoid flashy curtains

Curtains dress any environment and decorate a room, while letting in light or protecting the room from light, depending on the purpose. If your living room is small, avoid curtains with excessive fabric or with striking patterns, large geometrics, and intense colors.

Here’s an additional tip: give curtains a function and prevent them from becoming the center of attention.

Prints for home curtains

Decor mistakes that can ruin your living room: clutter

As much as you love your doll collection and your kids’ crafts, displaying them in your living room isn’t always the best way to create a calm and pleasing space. Saturating this room with accessories and decorative pieces will only detract from its functionality.

Here’s an additional tip: think of a flexible element that changes with you. By doing this, the teachings of Marie Kondo will be easier for you to apply. Remember, before you bring something new into your home, take out something old.

Don’t forget to store books on your bookcase

If you have a bookcase in your living room, the way you decorate it will say a lot about your personality. Put ornaments, photographs, and plants on your bookshelves but don’t forget the most important thing–books!

Here’s an additional tip: dedicate some shelves to your literature and fill your bookcase with your children’s stories, classics, or your family reference books and encyclopedias. Don’t forget the main aesthetic function of your bookcase!

Decor mistakes that can ruin your living room: lighting

what's new in the IKEA catalog
Image: Ikea

Lighting is essential when it comes to setting the scene and a living room needs to have several points of light. This creates the atmosphere according to what you need for each situation. Sitting down to a movie requires a different light to having an afternoon of family games.

Here’s an additional tip: in addition to overhead lighting, add points of light with floor and table lamps. They’ll help you to focus the right amount of light for each activity.

Now that you know the decor errors that can ruin your living room and how you can fix them, you’ll be able to create a cozy and comfortable environment.

Take care of the details, the proportions and ensure that there aren’t too many striking elements in one space. This way, harmony will reign.

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