Creating a Spooky Fireplace for Halloween

Today, Halloween is celebrated all across the world. We might not all dress up at night but we all have an urge to dress up our homes for Halloween!
Creating a Spooky Fireplace for Halloween

Last update: 25 May, 2019

Halloween gives the perfect excuse for decorating certain areas of the home, like the fireplace, a little differently. Popular decor ideas include pumpkins, bugs and anything that looks supernatural.

In our post today, we have some creepy, but tasteful, fireplace decor ideas to share with you. You won’t need to use plastic toys or the typical black and orange color scheme to create a dark, mysterious ambiance.

Ideas for a spooky fireplace

1. Black and more black

If you want a Halloween decor that’s  more Gothic than elementary, try putting together black elements. For example candleholders, candles, pumpkins, dried branches. These simple accessories will help you create the base of a macabre set-up.

halloween fireplace black

First, clear off your fireplace. Next, arrange dried branches on the mantel. Tie them together with some rope or put them in black vases. You can also mix in thorny branches as well to create a thicker bundle.

Set up the candleholders, which should all be different sizes, on the right corner of the mantel. If you want a more rustic decor, look for black wood or iron candleholders; but if you’re looking for elegance, try plastic options instead (shiny or matte).

Place several large, black pumpkins on the floor around your fireplace. To tie everything together, fill your fireplace with black coal and firewood!

For extra detail, print a black and white photograph that follows the Halloween theme. You could try using pictures from days gone by or even wolves, crows, bats, spiders, etc.

Create a simple yet macabre decor with black candleholders and candles. Line them against the wall on the fireplace.

2. Black, gray and white

Instead of using all black, you can also create a palette with other neutral colors like white and grayThe overall look will be elegant.

Halloween fireplace gray white

Hang a mirror with a baroque style frame on the outer wall of the fireplace. Spread a light gray table runner on the mantel and on top place:

  • A garland of dried branches. Make sure you use plain branches. If you want, add some plastic black snakes, or a color similar to the branches, for a realistic effect.
  • Black and white taxidermy illustrations. Adding a frame is optional. If you don’t use a frame, they’ll look like illustrations you did yourself.
  • Two or three old books or books that have dark covers.
  • A small pumpkin that’s painted white.
  • Dried pine cones.

3. White

Bring Halloween to your fireplace but keep the decor minimalist with white. You can nail a refined decor look with just a few accessories.

First, gather some pumpkins and paint them white. Next, use a permanent marker to draw on some designs: spirals, borders, ghosts, dried trees or spiders. You could also paint a letter on each one to spell out a word or message.

For something spookier, arrange a couple of meters of chiffon on top of your mantel. If it hangs down, it’ll look even better. Keep it in place by putting the pumpkins or books with white covers on top of it. Lastly, add a sole touch of black with a fake crow.

Before you begin decorating

halloween fireplace

If you don’t have a fireplace you can use these ideas for other areas in your home as well. And remember that you don’t need lots of accessories to pull it off; you only need a couple of specific objects. The key lies in creating eye-catching decor.

Also, even though pumpkins are a basic decor element for Halloween, you don’t have to include them in your decor. As we mentioned earlier, you can create a dark atmosphere by just using candles and candleholders. Unleash your creativity!

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