Add Inspirational Messages to Your Home Decor

Inspirational messages show just how much impact words have on us. In our post today, get inspired to used them in your home decor!
Add Inspirational Messages to Your Home Decor

Last update: 09 May, 2019

Inspirational messages have become all the rage in interior decor. They’re messages that inspire, encourage or even motivate house members and guests to: live better, work for goals, strive towards dreams, etc.

In a way, these messages are like little reminders. From a decor standpoint, the different types of calligraphy are what really impress. Most inspirational message designs sit on a simple background, which helps direct attention to the beautiful words.

You can find them on pictures, posters, stickers, vinyls, canvases, banners or even photos. If you want to use inspirational messages in your home decor, creativity has no limit.

What’s the meaning behind inspirational messages?

inspirational messages meaning

Over the course of their lives, many people find meaning in words, phrases, quotes, or messages. They can use a message’s inspirational power to reach their personal goals. Identifying with a message is key.

Inspirational messages can come from anywhere. For example, some people find inspiration in literature, movies, songs, or speeches, and others may hang onto the words of a loved one.

Some people find power in poetic words such as: serendipity, epiphany, and limerence.

A little history

In earlier times, people used symbols to protect their homes. These symbols usually portrayed objects, animals or mythical beings. But people also started using different inscriptions like  talismans.

These inscriptions weren’t always clearly visible. In fact, most of them were slightly hidden to ensure that their powers worked. Many examples come from Asian countries.

Over time, and along with the changes in society, all kinds of inscriptions started to pop up for different reasons, such as tradition and history.

For the most part, home inscriptions have lost their mystic purposes but blessings and positive messages still remain, albeit in modern forms.

inspirational messages history

Where can you use them?

You can use inspirational messages in many areas throughout your home. Just look for the spot where they’ll be easy to read.

If you want to read and enjoy them often, place them in a place where that’s possible.

Many people place inspirational messages in their workspace. You could use the wall, a bulletin board, or a chalkboard.

Another aspect to keep in mind is how much you need or want to read your inspirational message.

Choosing the best message

If you’re decorating a bedroom, you don’t have to look for inspirational messages that are related to dreams. But you should think about several aspects such as:

  • preferences
  • necessities
  • identity
  • originality

You have to address those aspects to find the right message. But you might ask, “why can’t I use any inspirational message I want?”; you can, but it might not be the best one for your home.

inspirational messages choosing

Choosing the right calligraphy style

Calligraphy has a strong visual impact so you need to choose carefully. Your room decor can assume a different feel depending on the type of calligraphy you use.

For example, cursive fonts give rooms an elegant, refined and delicate feel. On the other hand, printed fonts feel more informal.

If you want to create a lighthearted decor, printed fonts will be your best option. But if you wanted the opposite, then turn to cursive options. But in the end, it’ll all depend on your personal preferences.

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