Common Decorative Mistakes in Children's Bedrooms

Find out about the most common decorative mistakes in children's bedrooms. Avoid them and keep your little ones safe and happy.
Common Decorative Mistakes in Children's Bedrooms

Last update: 24 November, 2021

We all make decorative mistakes, especially when it comes to children’s bedrooms. However, after reading this article, mistakes will be a thing of the past! Remember that children’s rooms should look beautiful, but the main priority is that they’re functional and safe.

By avoiding decorative mistakes, tranquility will take over your home. You’ll have happy children without the risk of any dangers around them and you can enjoy your home without worrying about your children’s safety. Total peace of mind!

Decorative mistakes in children’s bedrooms that you should avoid

We’re now going to tell you about the common decorative mistakes in children’s bedrooms that you should avoid. Not only because some mistakes can turn these rooms into dangerous areas, but because they can cloud other efforts. That’s right, your efforts to match the colors of the walls or the bedding can be in vain.

Beware of sturdy furniture!

No to sturdy furniture.

A child’s bedroom is a space filled with imagination. When children play, this room may become a castle, an amusement park, or even filled with dinosaurs! Therefore, decorating it with sturdy furniture can be one of the biggest mistakes you may make.

Sure, little ones need tables, chairs, cabinets, and organizers, but these should never restrict their comfort and fun. Opt for versatile furniture that can even be a part of the scenarios that your children imagine on a daily basis.

You should also take into account the location of the furniture in children’s bedrooms and ensure it never becomes an obstacle for children. The reason? During playtime and games, children can suffer accidents or crashes. These can be avoided by having spacious and well-thought-out zones within their bedroom.

Consider the walls to avoid decorative mistakes in children¡’s bedrooms

Think about the best way to decorate the walls in a child’s bedroom in order to go beyond a suitable choice of colors. Among all the possibilities that you need to evaluate, investigate protecting the walls from blows with coatings that are safe for children.

If you have a child with artistic talent, don’t inhibit them by worrying about the cost of repairs. Equally, don’t resign yourself to living with unwanted wall art. Consider using acrylic coatings, chalkboard paint, or washable wallpaper.

The biggest mistake is to decorate a child’s bedroom in a style that’s too sophisticated. Otherwise, this won’t allow children to pass through each fundamental stage of development with carefree happiness.

Avoid excess, clutter, and disorder

Toys thrown away.

One of the most important values that parents can transmit to their children is organization. It’s wonderful that your children have so many toys, but it’s a real mistake for these to be thrown everywhere without order.

Always avoid having excess toys in children’s bedrooms; some can contribute to aesthetics, but it’s better to provide dedicated space for storing them. For this, you can use boxes or baskets, shelves, and cabinets.

As an extra tip, write the contents on each box, so your children will know where to find what they need without having to empty and disrupt each box.

Don’t combine too many colors

Keep in mind that we’re talking about children’s bedrooms, so we’re not focusing as much on color and aesthetics. Combining too many colors is a decorative error that can be very overwhelming for children.

A great option is to use white as the main color for the walls. Choose just one wall as the center of attraction with a noticeable variation in color and combine this tone with the bedding and other textiles in the room. The most popular colors are pastels and neutrals.

Choose the decor according to your child’s taste

Avoid decorative mistakes in children's bedrooms.

Perhaps you think that it’s entirely up to you to choose the decor of your child’s bedroom? Although your opinion counts, it’s advisable to involve your child and ask what colors they prefer.

After all, it’s your child who will spend a large part of their day in their room. Alongside playing, they’ll also use this space for doing homework, sleeping, and entertaining their friends. Therefore, their opinion really matters. 

Never make these decorative mistakes again!

Now that you know the most common decorative mistakes in children’s bedrooms, you won’t make them again! The best thing about knowing which mistakes to avoid is that you can easily find a solution. So you and your children can be happy, at ease, and you can each enjoy your own space.