Colors to Paint Your Double Bedroom

We'll tell you about the ideal colors to paint your double bedroom in and how they influence a couple's atmosphere. You'll love them!
Colors to Paint Your Double Bedroom

Last update: 22 September, 2021

Choosing the ideal colors to paint your double bedroom will make this space more welcoming and warm. After all, who doesn’t want to share a comfortable place to disconnect from the world and rest after a long day at work?

Colors in your bedroom are important because they contribute to creating an atmosphere of intimacy. They influence the quality and quantity of light and, without a doubt, they stimulate certain sensations and moods. In addition, they’re also a reflection of what we want.

Suitable colors to paint your double bedroom

Thinking about the ideal colors to paint your double bedroom is a job that requires a lot of patience. There are a large number of combinations (and a bit of pressure) to choose the colors that help create the perfect environment for the marriage, that reflects the personality of each person.

Fortunately, in this article, we’re going to tell you about the shades that go very well in the matrimonial bedroom. The best thing about these recommendations is that they’re standard colors and easy to find in a specialized store.

Take note and choose those that reflect your tastes and those of your partner.

Earth colors

Earth colors.

Among the ideal colors to paint your double bedroom are earth tones. These combine very well and are suitable for all types of decoration. If you like calm, serene and classic environments, you can opt for these colors.

Among its advantages is the possibility of using the lightest tones and the darkest tones and obtaining very good results. Of course, make sure that the tone you’ve chosen combines with the colors of your furniture.

Beige for your double bedroom

Beige is also known as the sand color and stands out for being a tone that reflects tranquility and enhances lighting.

Using this tone in your bedroom creates a harmonious and elegant atmosphere. It can be used as the only color, but if it seems something bland, you can combine it with others such as earth tones. Yes, you can play with this color.

Variety of grays: colors to paint your double bedroom

Bedroom in gray tones.

If your tastes are more elegant and you prefer that your double bedroom has a different touch, gray tones are the ones for you. In addition, they’ll add a very sober and modern look.

The only recommendation that you should consider if you want to use gray tones is to have a well-lit bedroom. This way there will be a greater contrast between the tone of your walls and your decorative objects. The perfect balance can be found with light gray walls contrasted with black details and white decor.

Blue shades

The color blue is a color that favors relaxation and proper rest, that’s why it’s very common to use it in a double bedroom. It’s suggested to use a range of pastel and light blue colors. Dark blue doesn’t add much to tranquility if it isn’t combined with a color that brings light.

If this is the environment you want to have in your double bedroom, don’t be afraid to use blue tones in their lighter versions.

Green: colors to paint your double bedroom

Paint the double bedroom with green tones.

The green color is related to everything that has to do with nature, warmth, and freshness. It’s ideal to paint with this color when you want to amplify the space and move away from the classic. It works very well when combined with colors like beige, white, yellow, and turquoise. It’s a very versatile color.

White: ideal for double bedrooms

White is the most common color in double bedrooms and, in general, throughout the house. It provides spaciousness and serenity. If you don’t have a very large space, the color of your walls should be white. This creates an optical illusion in which the room looks much larger than it really is.

According to the psychology of color, white transmits peace and calm: two aspects that should shine between a couple.

Lilac or pink tones

Lilac bedroom.

Lilac and pink tones are derived from cold and warm tones, therefore, they provide a perfect balance to have in your double bedroom. In addition, these pastel tones provide simplicity and a vintage touch for lovers of classic decor.

In bedrooms with lilac or pink colors, the use of decorative plants would be very good, since their colors will stand out vividly.


The yellow color is warm, it evokes happiness and harmony in the environment where it’s used. So if you want to have a bedroom where you feel comfortable, happy, and passionate, this is the color to choose. This color combines very well with coffee and other earth colors to make a pleasant decoration.

What colors for your double bedroom do you like the most?

Now you have a wide variety of colors to choose how to paint your double bedroom. Of course, remember that it’s very important to make the choice with your partner and agree according to the tastes of both. Build, (starting with the colors), the ideal space to rest and enjoy your privacy.


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