Change of Seasons: Spring Bedding

Ready to give your bedroom a new look with spring bedding? Open the door to a change of season.
Change of Seasons: Spring Bedding

Last update: 29 March, 2022

The change of season is coming! The days are already starting to get longer, brighter and as such, invite more outdoor activities. If you want a new look for your home, we suggest you start in the bedroom with spring bedding.

Our homes are crying out for fresher and more natural materials, cheerful colors, and prints reflecting the change of season. Go shopping and get ready to give your bedroom the fresh touch you need. Below you’ll discover some sheets, quilts, and comforters that’ll make you fall in love. Ready to get started?

Change of seasons: spring into spring!

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When spring arrives, the days start to get warmer and winter bedding feels heavy and outdated. It’s time to say goodbye to wool, flannel, and the thicker fabrics that have accompanied you during the winter. Instead, you can now welcome spring bedding into your life.

Updating your bedding is a good way to revitalize your bedroom. By doing this, you can make changes in a very easy and economical way. Here are some tips to help you choose the best bedding for spring.

Say yes to pure cotton! Choose pure cotton and bedding with a higher thread count per square inch. In addition to the fact that it has a softer texture and is more durable, its quality makes it feel fresher and lighter. Perfect, for any time of the year.

Use color! We all love dark colors, gray, navy blue, and even black, but not in spring. Neutral colors and pastel shades work best for spring and summer bedding. In addition, you’ll notice how it also affects your mood. Choose bedding in vibrant colors and you’ll see that it’s not only your bedroom who appreciates it.

Fewer layers: the heat of summer is still a way away and spring nights are still quite cool, so don’t say goodbye to your comforter just yet. Instead, you can opt for lighter bedding, such as a quilt with a synthetic filling or some thinner blankets.

Look at this beautiful spring bedding!

Change of seasons: spring bedding

Continue reading to discover the most beautiful options for spring bedding.

Fall in love with prints

A good way to fill your bedroom with spring is by using prints. One of the favorites is the Liberty print. These full-color mini flowers make you feel connected to nature and add a touch of romance and innocence to any setting. Opt for a light quilt or, if it seems too much, just use cushions.

Another option when it comes to prints is botanical elements. The leaves and twigs give a lot of freshness and are beautiful decorative elements. Look for a quilt that has soft tones so you can bring warmth to your bedroom.

The materials of spring bedding

Another factor to take into account is the material you’re going to use for the bedding. As we’ve already mentioned, cotton will always be the best. Cotton will become your greatest ally. In this case, we recommend that you keep it plain and combine it with other colors.

Form layers by superimposing different bedspreads and blankets, play with the cushions and you’ll see how well it looks and how fresh it feels. To achieve this effect, check out some muslin bedspreads that stand out for their softness.

Spring bedding will help you to completely transform the look and feel of your bedroom. You’ll see that your room feels fresher and it’ll make you feel lighter and in harmony with the season.

Add matching elements such as plants, vases of flowers, and cushions…and you’ll love the end result. Ready to get started? Open the door to spring.