Do You Know the Meaning of Flowers?

We're going to tell you about the meaning of flowers. You can give them as gifts or decorate your house with them. Flowers are an excellent way to express your emotions and give a unique vibe to your home.

Last update: 12 February, 2021

You’ll love the meaning of flowers. You can give them as gifts or decorate your house with them. This is an excellent way to express your emotions and give a unique vibe to your home.

If you’re looking for a joyful and colorful touch, flowers are a great choice. Vases, pots, and decorative items can easily transform the atmosphere of your rooms. Would you like to know their meaning? Here you’ll learn everything about the meaning of flowers.

You can use flowers as decorative resources and transmit different emotions based on the ones you choose. Are you ready to learn more about nature?

The meaning of flowers

Flowers are a beautiful way to decorate your home. Their different colors, scents, shapes, and textures make them a unique decorative item. People believe they have certain meanings, which transmit different emotions.

Flowers are perfect for indoors or outdoors and can be a lovely gift for someone you care about.

Their meaning is based on their type and color. These are some of the most common flowers. Which is your favorite?


Roses are always popular. They’re one of the most gifted flowers. They represent love, but their meaning varies depending on the color.

Red roses show passion, white roses transmit pureness, and yellow ones represent friendship.

The meaning of flowers – peonies

This is one of the most beautiful flowers. They’re related to love, happiness, and beauty. That’s why they’re a favorite for weddings.

If you like these flowers, you can make them the main feature of your living room. You can hang peony wallpaper, like this one from Photowall.


These elegant flowers are perfect to create a sophisticated style. They’re related to sensitivity and represent pureness and compassion. It’s also believed that they bring good luck.

During the Greek and Roman period, their cup-shape made them the main attraction at parties.


These are simple but joyful flowers. You can put them in vases or pots and decorate the indoors or outdoors of your house.

They’re related to spring, and if you give marguerites to a friend, you’re offering them unconditional friendship.

You’ll love the meaning of these flowers


This is a unique flower since it’s the only one that moves to search for the sun. Sunflowers represent happiness, vitality, positivity, energy, and abundance.

These are a perfect gift if you want to show admiration for someone. They also have a mystic meaning due to their resemblance to the sun  This flower will definitely bring brightness to your home.


This is the most gifted flower in the world. It’s related to historical events, like the Carnation Revolution in Portugal.

The meaning depends on the color. White carnations represent peace and pureness, and pink ones are related to friendship and a mother’s love.

Bird of paradise

This is an exotic and eye-catching flower, and it’s related to magnificence. It represents love, fidelity, and dedication. It’s very important in Hawaii, where they call it Little Globe.

This flower has been an inspiration for many artists, like Georgia O’keefe, who painted one of her most famous works in Hawaii in the 1940s – White Bird of Paradise. You can buy a reproduction of this work in her museum.

Now you know everything about the meaning of flowers. Using them as decorative resources is a beautiful way of showing your emotions and giving your home a unique look.

Flowers are perfect to create a home that’s full of energy and positivity.

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