The Best Housewarming Gift Ideas

With these amazing housewarming gift ideas, you’ll impress your friends.
The Best Housewarming Gift Ideas

Last update: 29 October, 2020

Moving to a new home can be both exciting and stressful. Therefore, this event is worth celebrating. If you’ve been invited to a housewarming party, it’s a great idea to bring a gift with you. In this article, discover the best housewarming gift ideas!

Although you can always play it safe with a bottle of wine, there are plenty of different and interesting gifts to surprise your friends with. Are you ready to go shopping?

When you’re invited to a housewarming party

A red Chinese vase.

Maybe your best friend is about to start a new adventure with their partner or your classmate has finally become independent. Or maybe your sister or brother finally fulfilled their dream of buying that house they’ve worked so hard for.

Being with them at such a special time and giving them a gift can be a way of showing them how much you care. What better way to do it than with an original and beautiful gift?

One of the best housewarming gift ideas –  food

A gift basket.

Image: bronzeymora.comThe kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home, as it’s where people spend the most time. Yes, we’re sure your friends already have standard things such as plates and glasses. But they may like more personal and decorative items:

  • For people who enjoy gourmet food. If your friends enjoy good food, it’s a great idea to give them something to fulfil their senses, like one of the baskets Bronze & Mora sells. One option is the Fumé Poire, which includes a sweet and mild pear jam, with Pedro Ximénez sweet and sour vinegar, San Simón da Costa cheese, and Picual/Arbequina extra virgin olive oil.
  • A cookbook. Chloé Sucrée, whose motto is “Cooking is universal and should be simple”, is the author of the book Being Biotiful. She suggests making delicious, fast, and healthy meals with only six ingredients. Her book is full of delicious ideas. If you give this book as a housewarming gift, you’ll be able to enjoy the results when you’re invited over for dinner.

Other amazing housewarming gift ideas – wellness

Peyote Poem candle.

A relaxing bath is essential after a move. What better way to do it than surrounded by the delicious aromas of scented candles? Byredo has plenty of exquisite ideas. This is the Peyote Poem, which gets its name from the famous Mexican cactus. It has notes of fir, hyacinth, tonka bean, patchouli, vanilla, and black amber.

At Laconicum, you can find Cowshed’s Sleepy Calming Pillow Mist Spray, which was made with the principles of aromatherapy in mind. Its formula contains lemon balm and lemon myrtle essential oils that help relieve tension and stress. Its fusion of St. John’s wort and alchemilla extracts will help anyone fall asleep. All you have to do is add a few drops to your pillow!

To embellish spaces

A cat bed.

Plants are almost always a hit, as most people love them. When people move to a new home, they want to give it a welcoming and homely touch. And plants are the perfect way to do it! Many indoor plants are beautiful and easy to care for. One of the most popular ones nowadays is the monstera or delicious monster, an exotic climber that we’re sure will wow your friends.

If they have a pet, you’re in luck, as you can opt for cool pet accessories. Here’s an article on the Ikea collection for dogs and cats, which can give you some amazing housewarming gift ideas.

Surprise everyone and be the perfect guest at the next housewarming party you’re invited to! You’ll see how much they’ll thank you for giving them an original and personalized gift.

It’s best if you opt for a gift that will awaken their senses – something not too practical that makes them remember their first days in their new home.