Pet Collection - From IKEA to Your Furry Friends

IKEA's pet collection promises to transform our homes into a place packed with amenities for our furry friends. Have you seen it yet?
Pet Collection - From IKEA to Your Furry Friends

Last update: 14 November, 2019

Our furry pals have a very important place in our hearts and in our homes. Pets are part of the family and we want them to be as comfortable as we are; we want them to have it all. So, why not buy pet furniture that matches the rest of our home decor? IKEA has already identified this need for decor lovers so they’ve released a pet collection.

IKEA’s pet collection is called “LURVIG,” which means hairy in Swedish. You probably had no idea that a Spanish woman named Inma Bermudez designed it. She didn’t miss a single detail. The collection consists of about thirty pieces of furniture and accessories for food, play, rest and traveling with your dogs and cats.

IKEA’s pet collection

A dog on their bed, part of IKEA's pet collection.

“Each pet has a personality of their own but they have five things in common – they all love sleeping, eating, playing, exercising, as well as being near us. So these sorts of behaviors are the first thing we thought about when designing these products,” says Inma.

The marketing team at IKEA was clear that the greatest challenge would be to create not only a line that humans liked but one that also met the needs of our four-legged friends. So, they recruited the assistance of veterinarian expert Barbara Schäfer.

She works on the risk assessment of products at IKEA and explains that the biggest challenge is not to humanize pet products.

Nobody likes it when their pets spoil the decoration of their house and that’s why we love LURVIG. You can find it all, from solutions for cats to stop scratching the legs of your table, beautiful beds and cushions that allow you a good night’s rest, leashes for walk-loving dogs, to food bowls for hungry pets…

A cat it a bed from IKEA's pet collection.

IKEA’s signature pet collection

This all comes with the undisputed IKEA signature. You’ll find modern accessories with a simple design that won’t only make your pets happy but will also satisfy your aesthetic demands.

IKEA and its pet collection will make your house a winner when it comes to good design. Every piece of furniture in this pet collection will easily integrate into the rest of your home. So much so, that they even have a mini version of the classic KLIPPAN sofa — which your pet should surely trade for yours, and that means less hair. So, you’ll finally have a clean sofa, just the way you like it.

The best thing is that this company isn’t the only one betting on beautiful, well thought out things aimed at pets.

So, start thinking about what you’re going to give as a present to your loyal friends this coming Christmas.

Are you about to get a new pet?

A cat condo, part of IKEA's pet collection.
  • If you’re considering pet adoption during the December holidays then you must really think about it. It’s a huge responsibility because they’ll need your care, your time and your love. January is full of abandoned pets.
  • If you’ve decided that you do want to go for it then you must prepare your house for the pet’s arrival. For instance, start getting all the things they’ll need ready: a bed, a blanket, food and water bowls, toys, and food. This is very easy to do with IKEA’s pet collection.
  • Give the new family member some time. Everything is new to them and they need to sniff around, investigate and feel 100% safe before they finally lie down on your lap. They’re likely to hide, so don’t harass them; stay near but give them space.
  • If there are children in your home, explain to them how the new pet may be feeling. Kindly invite them to try to control their excitement and try not to stress the animal. Friendships between pets and children are always mutually wonderful.
  • Also, give them a name and begin to call them by it from the beginning. Keep in mind the number of times you are going to call them by it … That is, find a simple name that’s easy to pronounce.
  • Finally, join your pet while they explore their new home. Let them come and go and check out every corner of the house. Stay near so they realize that you’re the one in charge.


Having an animal is wonderful. Enjoy their companionship and pamper them with comfort and fun, and beautiful objects from the LURVIG pet collection.