3 Guidelines for Ceiling Mirrors

Make a bold move and decorate your ceilings with mirrors.
3 Guidelines for Ceiling Mirrors

Last update: 01 September, 2019

While they might not be a common decor element, ceiling mirrors are something to consider for your home decor.

Mirrors are basic decor elements and we can’t imagine a home without them. In fact, they’re likely the most common home decor accessory ever.

Mirrors come in a wide variety of dimensions, frames, shapes, and styles. Additionally, you can find them at any store or online.

While you might normally see them on bedroom and bathroom walls, in our post today we want to talk to you about ceiling mirrors and giving your decor a real spin. Ceiling mirrors are also very popular for offices or commercial buildings.

1. Decorate with your home decor style in mind

Though they’re simple pieces, ceiling mirrors have a special visual impactMake sure you carefully look at their designs, especially if they have a decorative frame to create the right impact for your room.

They might be ceiling pieces, but that doesn’t mean just any mirror can work. Make sure it suits the ceiling paint, style of your light fixture…

Arrange your mirrors to flow with your room’s decor style. Remember, you’re not limited to hanging a single mirror. Instead, you can try using various small mirrors and arrange them around a light.

If they have a frame, make sure they match with your room decor. For example, if you have an industrial-style room, try installing some lightbulbs around your mirror. Alternatively, if your room has a Nordic decor style, use a white frame instead. It all depends on your preferences.

ceiling mirrors decor style

2. Choose an appropriately sized mirror

This is crucial; if your mirror is too heavy, it might fall. Thus, you have to find the lightest mirror possible. To find the right one, pay close attention to material.

Like you would for wall mirrors, you also need to make sure the size of your ceiling mirror is proportional to the rest of your room. And remember, decorating a narrow hallway isn’t the same as decorating a large room. In the case of the narrow hallway, look for a long mirror. Meanwhile, a square mirror would work fine in a large room.

And if you have a large light fixture, try arranging small mirrors around it. They don’t have to be symmetrical and you can use any shape for your mirrors: hexagons, irregular shapes, ovals

Additionally, be careful with the mirror you choose. If you plan on using a wall mirror on your ceiling, its reflection might distort figures. But in any case, you won’t have too many problems finding the right mirror.

3. Think over the pros and cons

First off, ceilings mirrors will make your room seem bigger and lighter instantly. Their effects make them ideal for small, narrow or low-ceiling rooms and hallways.

Additionally, if you want to enhance this effect even more, try using wall mirrors as well. or you can also use furniture pieces with a mirror surface, such as a table. You can also turn to shiny enamel paints to create a similar visual effect. Lastly, you can also use decor accessories with mirrors, such as trays or furniture trims.

ceiling mirrors visual effects

In any case, ceiling mirrors add another dimension to any room. But certain rooms are more likely to have them than others.

For example, according to the Eastern philosophy of Feng Shui, you shouldn’t keep mirrors in your bedroom because energy (which is what Feng Shui is all about) comes and goes continuously. As a result, they hinder proper rest. In fact, ceiling mirrors are more common in erotic hotels or places where people only stop to enjoy a night.

We hope our ideas have helped and encouraged you to try ceiling mirrors. Ceiling mirrors will help rooms look bigger and brighter. They also work great for many settings from living rooms to clothing stores.

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