Cane Furniture - The Latest Deco Trend, Fresh From the Past

Cane furniture is back to help you create a casual look with a vintage twist.
Cane Furniture - The Latest Deco Trend, Fresh From the Past

Last update: 14 August, 2020

Cane furniture is back to help bring a natural air to interior design. These pieces are characteristic of mid-twentieth century decoration and, in new forms, are a modern trend that is quickly becoming popular.

Cane furniture – what is it?

Cane furniture is similar to wicker.

Cane comes from stripping and braiding rattan vines. These vines grow primarily in tropical areas and, as a result, most people associate the use and production of this material with Southeast Asia. However, cane furniture became very fashionable in Europe as English people were fascinated by its beauty during the 17th century.

Among the many advantages of this material are that it is durable, flexible, and lightweight. This makes it perfect for combining with wood and other textiles for a casual look.

The use of caning

The grid design started as just for chair seats. However, little by little, the creativity of designers and the flexibility of the material allowed for more unique pieces.

For example, now you can see this braiding technique on wardrobe or cupboard doors or headboards. Many major design brands have incorporated this material into their creations. The result is a new, modern aesthetic with a nod to the past.

A natural style

Cane furniture became popular in England in the 17th century.

Cane is a natural fiber. This means that it’s perfect for Nordic, rustic, or bohemian decoration. However, it also pairs well with other styles! This material can add a lot of warmth to a room and create a sense of well-being that everyone wants in their home.

For example, if you like the minimalist look, cane furniture can add a special touch. Thanks to the texture and soft tones, such as white or beige, a piece of cane furniture can give life to a room. If you want a piece that pairs cane with fabrics, consider fabrics with a natural and organic look and feel, such as burlap, linen, or cotton.

Cane furniture and color

Although cane combined with natural wood is a great look, one way to make this material more up-to-date is through the use of color. For example, if you have a sideboard with cane on the doors, you can paint it a fun color that matches the rest of your decoration.

If you like the bohemian style, consider pairing cane with orange, coral, or yellow. On the other hand, if you like a more sophisticated and modern look, you can use black or blue.

Adding some color can make any piece more contemporary. One tip is to add gold handles to achieve a super glamorous effect.

Create atmosphere

A tropical themed bedroom.

Cane furniture is stylish and perfect for creating charming areas, which is why we love the way this material looks in bedrooms.

One common use of cane is for decorative screens, which are perfect for separating spaces. For example, you could use a screen by a window to create a perfect reading nook, to frame a plant area, or even to make a very chic dressing area.

Don’t forget the accessories!

Cane is a great feature to incorporate into your home with small pieces. One way to do this is through accessories.

For example, baskets, boxes, or other objects can help you keep your office, bathroom, or pantry organized. Also, these make the space look great! Our favorite cane accessories are lamps and mirrors. For example, you can check out Maison du monde and see some fresh ideas!

Cane combined with other materials

Although it’s most common to see this technique with wood, it also looks great with metal. A metal finish is also very versatile so you can incorporate it with whatever style you have in your home.

In conclusion, cane furniture offers many possibilities. The texture makes this type of furniture one of our favorite options to create a space full of life. The best way to do this? Use cane carefully through accessories or with a piece of furniture that adds to your overall decorative look!