Book Decor: There's Life Beyond Shelves

Are you a fan of reading? Here we bring you 11 ideas for a great book decor that's full of creativity and style.
Book Decor: There's Life Beyond Shelves

Last update: 31 May, 2019

Do you like reading? Reading is a good habit because it’s educational. You learn more about the world around you. And book decor can be something you use to decorate your house. This is especially the case when you discover different ways to display books, apart from the traditional neatly stacked rows of books on a shelf.

If you’re a book collector, you probably have dozens of books that you’re not sure where to put on display.  Decor using books can really give your house a chic style or feel. And at the same time, you can find ideal places to keep your favorite type of entertainment – your books!

Some books are already expo pieces in themselves. This is the case with art or decor books, that are usually larger and are very colorful, with different textures and visual appeal. You can use these to create lively and original book decor in and around your home.

In this article, you’ll find out how to put a different spin on typical bookshelves and displays and find stylish options to create the perfect reading corner for your books.

To create an imaginative book decor

1. Search for vertical space

Stack of books on invisible shelves next to a fireplace

You’re probably used to stacking your books on shelves horizontally in a row. But have you thought how it would look if you stacked them vertically?

You could use supports that are barely visible, that make it look as if your books are suspended on the wall. The resulting display will be an unconventional and original room, where book decor plays a prominent part.

2. On the floor

A pile of stacked books on the floor

If you don’t have that many books, you could create a gorgeous book decor feature by putting your books directly on the floor of a room. Make several short stacks of books so that it’s easier to lay your hands on a book when you want it. Put bigger, heavier books on the bottom of your stacks.

3. Vertical simplicity

Cute timber vertical bookshelf with a timber ladder with books

This minimalist bookshelf also supports several books with a vertical design. Don’t you just love how light it looks? And it’s especially effective with a simple timber ladder where you could also place a few colorful magazines.

4. Book decor: two in one

A great way to include book decor in your home is to create a window seat with storage space below for books

You could create the perfect reading corner by putting a long seat next to a window. And don’t forget to leave the part under the seat free for putting all your favorite books there. You’ll achieve the perfect space for relaxing in – but be careful; you might now want to spend all your free time there!

Make sure that the colors you use go well together. You could create visual harmony with a chrome based palette, using the backrests and cushions, and the rest of the materials that you use to dress the window.

5. Framed books

A framed bookcase is a unique way to showcase your book collection

This is a really original way to let your passion for reading shine through in your house’s decor. In the above photo, a normal and kind of boring bookcase is framed with a large old mirror frame. The books seem like they’re straight out of a realistic picture.

6. Picture frames in small doses

Framed bookshelves are a cute way to use book decor to brighten up a wall

Along the same lines as the previous idea, here you can see these small shelves also decorated with pretty frames. They could serve as a place to put your books as well as a way to decorate a blank wall.

If you look closely, they are really very simple to make. They’re just small boxes of timber (you could even use plywood) that have small frames stuck on them. Play around with different sizes and shapes to make it even more interesting.

7. Long style book decor

Use otherwise useless space in your hallway for long bookshelves

What if your book collection has started to get out of control? Try putting your books on low shelves, in places where you can take advantage of otherwise useless space. For example, down the length of a hallway.

If you do something similar to what you can see in the photo, you could also use the top of the shelf to decorate further using flower vases or other objects that will breathe life into the decor.

8. To the fireplace!

Find another use for your fireplace in summertime with cozy book decor

Don’t worry, we’re not recommending that you burn your books! But here’s a blazing idea. If you have a fireplace but almost never use it, it could be the ideal place for a bit of book decor! You might just use your fireplace in winter, and in summertime, you could give it a new touch. Do you like the idea?

9. Book decor on the table

Pile a few stylish books with the same color scheme on the coffee table

For your most special books, such as art books or those large books that won’t fit on a shelf, why not use them as unique decor items?

Put a few books on the coffee table, creating a harmonious composition using matching colors and placements. Leave another small heap of books on the side table, and voila! You will then have the perfect book decor that’s cozy and sophisticated for your living room.

10. A desk that’s full of charm and culture

An IKEA desk with a stack of books as a support on one side

This item from IKEA is exceptionally creative, practical, and decorative. The design comes with a stack of books on the floor, that make up the perfect support for one side of this desk. You’ll love it!

11. Self-serve

IKEA blue metal cart with stacked books

This little cart is one of the most hacked IKEA items, and you can understand why. There’s really no reason to make book decor complicated, or to use complicated systems that are difficult to maintain. It’s sufficient just to have a frame, a handle, and some wheels and you can take your reading material all over the house.

Which idea did you like most? Do you have another idea? Using b ook decor can be a great opportunity to get creative, and is a way to unite two of your hobbies: reading and decor.

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