5 Ideas for Decorating your Home with Books

If you are a book lover, you'll love the following ideas for decorating your home with books.
5 Ideas for Decorating your Home with Books

Last update: 17 November, 2018

Decorating your home with books is an excellent choice for book lovers. By doing this, you can give your books a new life after you’ve read them. Books can create very original decor while at the same time adding a personal touch.

You’ll see that there are many available options. For example, you could place two or three books casually on the table, or even make a piece of furniture or an accessory out of books yourself.

You should take into account that you don’t necessarily need to use complete books. You could just choose some book covers or even loose pages. If you like DIY, the following 5 ideas could inspire you when it comes to decorating your home with books.

When decorating your home with books you could glue some books to the wall to create unique shelves

1. Personalized bed headboard

A bed headboard is not particularly difficult to create, and you won’t even need to buy much for it! You’ll only need some old books you don’t want to read anymore, a couple of wooden boards, a hammer, and some nails.

The most important thing is that you choose books with a similar theme and that they are a similar size and style. That way, the final result will be more balanced. And, obviously, the boards should be the same width as the bed.

Then you just need to see what the height of the space left on the wooden boards is after you’ve taken into account the height of the bed and the mattress. The space that’s left free above these is the space where you will create your design.

Lastly, You need to nail (or directly glue, if they’re thin books or pages) the books onto the wood. If you choose to go for open books, stick the first few pages down with double-sided tape, so they don’t come away from the spine.

2. Ecological furniture

This is the area where you’ll most likely find the widest variety of available options for decorating your home with books. You can use books to decorate furniture that already have, placing piles of books around the place casually, for example. You could arrange  them by size or by color for the results to be more striking. One possibility is to create monochrome combinations, but it’s important to take into account the rest of your decor.

Or you could create piles of books as supports. You could put a wooden board on top of two book piles to create an original table or bench seat.

Another slightly more complicated option (but also more original) is to make recycled furniture using books. The possibilities are endless: armchairs, seats, tables, etc.

3. Unique rugs

This idea isn’t common in the world of interior design, but it doesn’t mean it’s not a possibility. Rugs are ideal to add to the effect of vintage or retro style decor. They are a clear example of something you can make yourself with few materials. This project won’t take too much time either. You just need to consider what shape you want your rug to be.

To make  a unique rug we recommend just using the book covers. This will make it easier to fit them together, to create the shape of your rug.

4. Striking wall art

This is an option that can add a great deal of character to a room. The most essential thing is a wide wall, and even better if it’s painted in a light color. If you look on the internet, there are many ideas to decorate your walls – with graffiti, murals, large scale paintings, old photos…

You can also use books to decorate your walls. For example, why not try hanging a few shelves on the wall to display books on vertically? In this case, it’s very important that the book covers are attractive, since they will be the whole feature of your wall. You could choose books on art, fashion, travel etc.

One last possibility is to glue  some books directly onto the wall, preferably at mid-height. Once they’re stuck on, you could leave them open and fold some of the pages to create a visual effect.

5. Decorating your home with books at Christmas

Lastly, we would like to share some ideas to decorate your home during a special season – Christmas. The easiest thing to do would be to use book pages to make wreaths and other decorations.

Use books to make a unique Christmas tree

If you want to use complete books, you could pile them up in the shape of a Christmas tree. You could also wrap them up with gift paper, to hang them up as decorations.

If you’d like an original and lively atmosphere, why not try decorating your home with books in different colors? You can achieve a multicolored effect. This can apply to any of the suggestions in this article.

As you’ve seen throughout this article, books make a great addition to any decor. You can use them to give a friendly, welcoming feel to your home.