Bathtub Trays and Caddies For Your Bathroom

Bathtub trays and caddies are both decorative and functional. They safely contain any belongings that'll complement your bathtub experience and make your bathroom a more inviting space.
Bathtub Trays and Caddies For Your Bathroom

Last update: 09 November, 2021

There are different ways to decorate your bathtub and one of these ways is through the use of trays or caddies. These decorative elements are designed to add functional comfort when taking a soak in the tub. You can use them to contain everything–from storing your products to essential bathtime items, such as a glass of wine or a good book!

In this article, we’ll explain how to use bathtub trays and caddies and the styles available. If when taking a soak, comfort and functionality are at the top of your list, bathtub trays are ideal for you.

Bathtub trays: ideal for comfort and function

Relaxation bath.

There are very few activities that you can do alongside taking a soak in the tub. However, having a tub tray can change this. Thanks to this decorative and useful element, it’s possible for you to comfortably have a drink or read a book during your soak.

If you’re more daring and want to take a bubble bath while attending a meeting or dictating notes to your computer, a bathtub tray will help you to advance your tasks. Although they look like a simple piece of wood or metal, (depending on the material you choose), these accessories are designed to grip onto your tub and keep your belongings away from the water.

Can you make your own bathtub tray?

Sure you can make your own bathtub tray or caddie! By doing this, you’ll get a completely personalized item according to your needs. You can make it with materials such as wood or epoxy resin. Play with textures and colors to make a bathtub tray that’s completely unique.

In fact, you can even make custom bathtub trays to give to your loved ones. It’s not only cheaper to make them than to buy them, but you’ll also be able to add compartments for personal items.

Materials for bathtub trays

There are different materials from which bathtub trays and caddies are made. The most common are wood, strong plastic, epoxy resin, and metal. Added to this are some ecological and environmental options such as bamboo. In fact, some bathtub tray designs mix material elements.

Styles for decorative trays

Metal bathtub trays.

Bathtub trays come in different styles and the choice can be designed to match your bathroom decor. You can buy them online or in stores that specialize in bathroom accessories or make them yourself.

We’re going to tell you about the most striking and interesting styles so that you can feel inspired. Let’s go!

Minimalist bathtub trays

In the same way that there are different types of tub trays, there are also different types of tubs. If your tub is in a minimalist style, there are some trays that’ll be of interest to you.

Although bathtub trays have been created to offer comfort, as well as to give a slightly more delicate and subtle touch to your decor, the minimalist type of trays have simple designs. Within this style, you’ll find some that have few compartments and others that are completely flat.

Sophisticated bath trays

For the most part, these types of trays are usually the most complete. They can offer extendable compartments for greater comfort and different uses. Also, you can choose ones that incorporate stands for tablets, computers, or books.

These trays are so complete that they usually come with adequate spaces to put your soap, face towels, and other products to help you relax after a heavy or stressful day at work. Although, it’s important that you keep in mind that just as designs vary, so does the price.

Another novelty about these trays is that they’re made of resistant and sophisticated materials. Metal ones usually come in colors such as gold or silver which are ideal for elegant bathtubs.

Do you need a bathtub tray?

As you’ve seen, bathtub trays are decorative and functional items that are worth having when you’re lucky enough to have a bathtub at home. By having a tray or bath caddie you can stop worrying when the phone rings while you’re in the tub or getting your book wet during a delicious foam bath.