Bathroom Trends for Fall in 2021

Discover the trends in bathrooms that have taken fall 2021 by storm. These trends are here to stay!
Bathroom Trends for Fall in 2021

Last update: 22 November, 2021

As we advance through fall, it’s clear that the bathroom trends we’ve seen for this season will probably continue into the new year. This is why we want to delve deeper into the bathroom trends for fall 2021 and explain more about them. If your bathroom already has these elements, congratulations, you’re avant-garde!

If you’re looking for ideas to renovate your bathroom, consider the trends that we’re going to discuss below. Keep reading and let inspiration carry you away!

Use of natural wood.

Each season brings its own decor trends for each room of the home. In this article, we’re going to focus on fall and the trends for the bathroom. Although it should be noted that some of these trends have been present throughout 2021 and it’s highly likely that they’ll continue to do so during 2022.

Natural wood furniture

Wooden furniture has been an ongoing trend for many years. However, the current trend is to use this material in its most natural state, giving a unique contrast to floors and walls.

It’s interesting to know that certain wood finishes mimic natural wood very well. These finishes can be used on all types of furniture to create a natural look and to protect their surfaces from wear and tear.

Large wall tiles are here to stay

Large wall tiles are still on trend for this fall, and it should be noted that they’ve been used throughout 2021.

Among the many advantages of large wall tiles is that they help to visually enlarge the bathroom and facilitate cleaning. Because of their size, the number of joins that need to be cleaned is reduced and this translates into fewer corners where bacteria and dirt can hide.

The wall-mounted faucet is in trend in autumn bathrooms in 2021.

If you like wall-mounted faucets, you’ll be happy to know that this will continue to be trending for the new year. When used in sinks and in showers, this type of mixer gives a modern, industrial, and at the same time elegant touch.

What’s more, this also adds a clean look with clear lines that saves space in small bathrooms.

Backlighting for mirrors

Current on-trend bathroom decor includes backlit mirrors. Not only is it a more flattering light, but it also makes your bathroom much warmer and more welcoming.

Choose between white or yellow backlighting. You can even try a colored LED light with remote control.

Backlit mirrors aside, we can also use lighting in a clever way and highlight different areas of the same room. Among the options we have, are decorative lamps to give extra touches of light and design.

It’s important to remember that bathrooms are no longer just a functional space, they’re a place that we can enjoy.

Shower and bathtub

Showers and bathtubs together.

The trend for fall 2021 is to combine a shower and a tub. However, when it comes to large bathrooms, there’s space to spare, so these elements can be separate.

In some cases, they can share the same space; separated by a very thin piece of glass. This can create the very best industrial style.

Bathroom partitions

Screens are very useful and divide the spaces of your bathroom well. This fall, the trend is using partitions designed with black profiles and small cells.

The size of the cells will depend on your tastes. Moreover, they can be square and small or square and large. Either way, give it a touch of personality with the use of horizontal or vertical cells.

These trends for bathrooms in fall 2021 have become a milestone. They present bathrooms in a different way and go way beyond their functional use.

If you want to remodel your bathroom, choose one or more of these trends and bring it to life.

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