Wall Mounted Sink Faucets

Have you heard of wall mounted sink faucets? They're a hot trend for bathrooms and kitchens!
Wall Mounted Sink Faucets

Last update: 06 December, 2019

Bathrooms and kitchens are becoming more popular in home decor. We’ve gone over the best colors for these settings, Feng Shui, the most resilient and appealing materials and today, it’s all about the faucets. If you’re ready to change your faucets, we have to tell you about a current trend – wall mounted sink faucets.

These built-in sink faucets have become a favorite for both bathrooms and kitchens alike. Though they already had their glory years a long time ago, they’re coming back and have become one of the hottest trends for 2019.

If you’re thinking about installing wall-mounted sink faucetsgo through the advantages and disadvantages first to make the best decision for your home. Shall we get started?

Advantages of having wall mounted sink faucets

wall mounted sink faucets advantages
  • Impeccable visual results. Classical or modern, these faucets can match any decor style. They’re a perfect option if you want a retro setting. Wall-mounted sink faucets have a vintage feel and are eye-catching.
  • More space. If you have a small bathroom, wall-mounted faucets can be a great option. They free up counter space, allowing you to place other things there. In the case of a kitchen, they make it easier to wash pots and pans.
  • Nice clean setting. Wall-mounted sink faucets have a very clean look.

Disadvantages of wall mounted sink faucets

wall mounted sink faucets disadvantages
  • Obligatory installation project. The renovation work that wall-mounted pieces imply is their biggest downside.
  • Before starting the project, you have to choose your faucet model. Faucet models and the distance between them and your pipes are all factors that you have to consider if you install a double or single handle faucet. They come in all kinds of designs and can have hefty price tags.

Wall-mounted sink faucets are in. The surge in popularity of Nordic and visually simple decor styles has a lot to do with the rise in the trend. While they’re functional elements, they become light decor and visual delight for people who adore pure, simple lines.

These faucets blend into the wall, creating a sense of continuity. You can make them a feature by pairing them with colorful tiles, micro-cement walls or mermaid blue tile details– which is another trend this year.

Technology has reached faucets too

wall mounted sink faucets technology

In addition to deciding to go for a wall-mounted sink faucet or not, if you’re planning on changing your faucets consider that there are new technological options available. These advanced faucets can offer all kinds of interesting functions.

  • Water filter – the days where you had to install water filters to your faucet are long gone. Most faucets today include a chlorine filtering system. Stop buying bottled water, reduce your eco-footprint and cut down on everyday costs.
  • Hard water systems – if you live in an area that has hard water, this feature will come in handy. Some models have hard water solutions that eliminate impurities, providing healthier water and keeping your faucet free from build-up.
  • Hot water at the press of a button – while some models only offer filtered water, others can supply hot water too. That means you’ll save time and energy.
  • Anti-burn – if you have kids, anti-burn systems are good news. These systems block off the water when it reaches a certain temperature as a safety measure. Also, some models offer faucets that will stay cool regardless of if the water comes out hot or cold.

Now that you’ve read up on wall mounted sink faucets and more, you can make a better decision for your home. Which ones will you go for?