A Solar Water Heater - Ecological and Economical?

With our growing concern for the environment, generating energy by using a solar water heater has become increasingly popular.
A Solar Water Heater - Ecological and Economical?

Last update: 18 April, 2020

Some of our highest costs when owning a home involve water heating. We can reduce the bill if we choose to use a solar water heater.

The popularity of solar water heating systems continues to grow. More and more households opt for this system. However, the advantages of this type of heater are still unknown.

How does a solar water heater work?

These heaters are ideal wherever there's abundant sunshine.

Solar water heating systems work thanks to thermal solar collectors. It operates similarly to photovoltaic solar panels. The only difference between the two is that the plates absorb heat from the sun and convert it into electrical energy. Collectors use heat to produce hot water.

The process to transform solar energy into hot water is very simple:

  • The collectors are made up of small tubes of water that, in turn, are heated by the sun.
  • This water can reach a temperature of 90 degrees.
  • Then, the water is stored in a thermal tank.

This is perfect for regions that have abundant sunshine. However, to guarantee hot water at any time, some type of extra supply is necessary. But despite needing an extra heater, the solar heater will save you money and pollute the environment less.

How do you use a solar heater?

You can place solar water heaters on your roof due to their small size.

As you can see, the solar water heater is a heating system that only produces hot water. You can use this energy in various ways throughout your house:

  • You can use the heated water for taking showers and cleaning your home.
  • You’ll have a hot water supply for heating, provided it is linked to a circuit.

Solar water heaters also take up very little space. You can place them on the terrace, roof, or any other part of the house where there’s sunlight.

Join the green revolution with these solar heaters!

Solar energy is clean energy

Our concerns for the enviroment are increasing, and so is the use of solar energy.

We are becoming increasingly concerned about the environment. Keeping the planet clean and contamination-free has become one of the main demands of today’s society. Therefore, in recent years, research has increased to reduce environmental impact when generating energy.

Therefore, a solar water heating system can support this as:

  • It doesn’t require the burning of any fossil fuels, such as gas or oil. This greatly reduces harmful emissions to the environment.
  • Solar energy is a natural and renewable resource, abundant in nature, and free.
  • It is highly efficient; about 80% of solar radiation is converted into thermal energy. This is necessary to obtain hot water.

Savings on your bill

Solar water heaters can save you money in the long run.

Using clean energy in your home can reduce your bills.

In countries like Spain, people are reluctant to replace other systems, like natural gas boilers, with solar energy. But this fear is unfounded as when we talk about the costs of these heating systems, we only have to consider their installation and maintenance.

However, the most notable economic benefit of this system is the bill reduction. It can reduce the annual hot water bill of a home by up to 70%.

Also, this system allows you to heat the water even on the cloudiest days since solar heaters also take advantage of the warmth in the atmosphere to heat the water.

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