A Low-Cost House With A Lot of Style

Even a low cost house can be super stylish if you follow our expert tips. Who said you have to spend tons of money to have magazine quality decor?
A Low-Cost House With A Lot of Style

Last update: 11 May, 2019

If you love interior decorating and want nothing more than a magazine-quality house, you’re in luck. In this article, we’re going to give you all the tips we have to help you achieve a low-cost house with a lot of style. 

Making your house tasteful and pretty doesn’t have to mean bankrupting yourself. There are lots of ways to get original pieces of furniture and to improve the decorative quality in your home without spending much money.

In fact, you can even do some of them yourself. Some of the other ideas will involve going to flea markets, and looking for second-hand things. So, keep reading this article, and follow our page to keep up with all the latest decorative trends and learn just how to make your house look divine.

Tips for a low-cost house with lots of style

Furniture with pallets

low-cost house

Making furniture out of wooden pallets has become very popular in the past few years. You can make anything from a comfy couch to a nice, big bed.

Want to know the best part of all? Pallets are both cost-effective and green because using them means recycling an old product. Take a look at this if you want some more ideas on pallet furniture.

A visit to your grandparents’ house

A picture showing a vintage suitcase being used as a nightstand beside a bed, with a couple books and a vase on top of it.

Look for antiques everywhere you go. That includes everything from your grandparents’ house to flea markets. These accessories and furniture from the past are a great way to give a low-cost house a lot of style.

For example, a sewing machine, an old suitcase, a chest of drawers, a typewriter, a record player…these are all great ways to add a stunning personal touch to your home.

Recycle to the max

A series of wooden cubes stacked up behind a bed as shelves, with books, in them.

Wooden boxes have been a decorative favorite for a long time now. Why? Because you can use them to make anything from shelves to a shoe rack or a desk, and they’re very cheap.

Don’t say no to these. You can paint them, give them a vintage look, or leave them untreated and natural. They can go well in any area, and you can use them by themselves or use several to make modules that fit your needs.

Green is life

A picture showing a couple small plants in unusual containers.

Plants are a great form of decoration, plus, they can clean your space of toxins. There are definitely some cheap ones out there, too. Take a look at this article about how to pick out the right plants.

Another option is to decorate with something like eucalyptus branches. They wilt much more slowly than flowers, and they can make any corner look amazing if you put them in vases of different heights.

Reclaimed doors

A reclaimed door is sitting behind a bed and acting as a headboard.

If you love doing DIY projects, finding a reclaimed door is a great option for you. You can paint it, treat it, and use it as the headboard to your bed, or make a unique dining room table. This is a great low-cost alternative that will fill your house with style.

Paint can work wonders

A picture showing vintage radiators snaking up a wall, painted in three different colors.

Yes, we know, painting your house can get very expensive, but all we’re suggesting is adding a special touch here and there. For example, you could paint your radiators or bathroom tiles. There are even special kinds of paint for home appliances. Always remember: you can have style without spending tons of money.

Frames for a stylish house

A living room shown with a big couch with lots of pillows, and lots of frames of different shapes and sizes on the wall above it.

Picture frames give you tons of decorative options. You can obviously put a photo or a print inside them and hang them on the wall. But if you have some nice, antique frames with special details, you could make them the center of attention. For example, put them together (empty) on a shelf, or hang them on the wall above your couch. 

Big mirrors

ideas for a low-cost house

Go out and find a vintage mirror. The bigger the better. Instead of hanging it, leave it on the floor or on top of a dresser. It has a lovely effect on a room (and nothing could be easier).

A low cost, stylish bed

A picture showing a bed in a modern looking bedroom with wooden floors and headboard, and dark-toned accessories.

We love beds with multiple sheets and fluffy pillows. They make you want to lay in them forever. There are plaid comforters and soft sheets that can make your bedroom the dreamiest part of the house.

Warmth and light in their purest state

Candles are low-cost house ideas.

Another great way to create your stylish low-cost house is good lighting. For example, you could buy a nice lamp without going over your budget. There are lots of options in major stores.

Don’t just limit yourself to lamps, either. Candles are an amazing form of decoration and will make any space intimate and inviting. Spread them in all over your house in different sizes and shapes for a gorgeous decor scheme, especially at night if you light them.

Now you have plenty of tips on how to create a stylish, low-cost house with things that are easy to make and find. So, what are you waiting for? Get decorating!

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