4 Ways to Improve your Curtains

When you improve your curtains, you improve every part of the room. A well-dressed window makes a bigger difference than you may think!
4 Ways to Improve your Curtains

Last update: 31 March, 2022

Curtains play a huge role in the grand scheme of your home decor. Moreover, it’s not just to do with how they prevent the full sun from penetrating your home. In this article, we’re going to give you some tips so that you can improve your curtains and subsequently, your home. Your curtains could end up becoming the focal point of each room.

Curtains are key

We don’t just mean this in the decorative sense, either. Of course, they also have a functional purpose too. A home isn’t complete without curtains. Although some people downplay their role, you need them for privacy and to regulate temperatures.

That’s why choosing the right curtains is essential. This isn’t just a minor accessory we’re talking about. Nor is it just limited to a piece of fabric you use to cover your window. They can dress up an entire room!

Classic curtains

Classic curtains which are good if you want to improve curtains in your home.

These are great for conventional and elegant environments. They work in living rooms, bedrooms, study rooms, and even kitchens. It’s a classic way to dress up your windows.

Roller curtains

Roller curtains which are an easy solution if you want to improve curtains.

These are more modern than the classic style. You use these to avoid using blinds. When these are closed, they block out the light and act as a blackout for your room. Some people choose to also use classic-style curtains in front of these just for decoration.


Black fabric curtains you can use to block the light from the outside.

If you’re not going to have blinds, one of your must-haves is blackout curtains. These work well in both urban and rural houses. Blackout curtains darken everything completely and don’t allow even a glimmer of light to enter.

Roman blinds

An example of a house with roman blinds.
Curtains. decopersianas.com

This is a panel of fabric that’s folded vertically and comes to resemble a sort of accordion. It does so because it’s basically a set of bars woven into fabric. You can open and close them using a cord. So-called “American-style” or Venetian blinds use the same system. These are more popular in professional settings.

Tips to improve your curtains

Now that you have the main options, it’s time to get right into it. If you don’t know how to improve your curtains, here are some recommendations:

1 Add contrast

An example of dark and light colors creating contrast in a room.

Two curtains are better than one. Thankfully, you can find all sorts of colors and varieties on the market. This makes decor much easier–or harder if you spend too much time trying to choose your favorite combination!

In order to add contrast you can, for example, place light-colored curtains behind dark ones. Then tie the darker ones to the sides to decorate the room. Another way to create contrast is to buy dark cloth if your wall is light-colored and vice versa.

2. Choose different lengths: improve your curtains

A room with a soft color scheme.

If you want to improve your curtains, you might need to have them longer than the length of your window. Why is this? It’ll help to create a more elegant environment. What’s more, you can even create the illusion that there’s a door or balcony behind that window.

3 Choose a pattern to improve your curtains

You may have already seen magazine photos where the curtains match the sofa cushions, the carpet, or the lamps. You can have this too by buying your curtains in the same fabric and making sure everything matches.

You can also be less meticulous and choose linear patterns that go well with other elements in the room.

4. Play around with textures

Today you can find curtains in all sorts of materials so that they can match, for example, the material on your sofa. One great texture combination is to have linen or silk curtains and velvet furniture. Give it a try!

If you’ve got a leather sofa, you can improve your curtains by choosing fabrics like cotton. Another good suggestion is alpaca fleece, which will give your space more warmth.

One last piece of advice is to keep in mind that each room or space is best suited by its own type of curtain. However tempting, it’s not a great idea to bulk buy for all the windows in your home.

Each window in your home has its own specific need beyond just the color or design of the fabric. That’s important to remember when it comes to making your home warmer and friendlier!

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