Bring Summer to Your Living Room

Whatever the season, bring summer to your living room with these simple tips. Get a new look and feel the energy of the season. Ready to get started?
Bring Summer to Your Living Room

Last update: 29 December, 2021

We all long for summer when the days are longer and sunlight floods every corner of our homes. Summer denotes change and makes us want to fill our spaces with natural fibers and fluid fabrics. Whatever the season, today, we’re going to bring summer to your living room.

We’ll suggest some simple tips for you to give your living room a new look and feel the energy of the season. Simply change your color scheme and a few accessories and you’ll soon see how this space can be completely transformed. Ready to get started?

Let summer come to your living room

Summer comes to your living room

One of the most important areas of the home is the living room. In this room, we spend a large part of our time, gathered with family, friends, and visitors. For this reason, we recommend that you take care of your decor in order to make it a comfortable and practical room.

Just as we face a new season with a change of wardrobe, we should also renew our environment and modify some details to enjoy a more summery feel. We’re going to give you some key tips to fill your living room with freshness.

Bring summer to your living room with natural materials

natural rattan fibers

Natural fibers are ideal for any time of year but if you want to capture freshness and relaxation and turn your living room into a summer paradise, they’re essential.

In addition to being on-trend, you can find furniture, accessories, and decorative details made of sisal, rattan, jute, and esparto at affordable prices. We suggest that you add a piece of furniture made with these materials to your living room.

When it comes to textiles, you obviously want them to be light and fresh. Linen or cotton is the best fabric to opt for and colorful tones can be the key to bringing warmth to the room. You can do this through patterned cushions or a rug in vibrant and cheerful colors.

More plants, please!

Hanging plants and macrame

We know that for almost any occasion we often recommend that you have plants in your home. Although, if you want to really bring summer to your living room, there’s nothing like mother nature to help you achieve this.

There are some beautiful indoor plants that are very easy to care for. Try hanging plants, create a corner greenhouse or use large ones to give life to a desolate and redundant space. They’re capable of renewing the air, changing the energy, decorating any space, and giving you a new hobby, what more could you ask for?

Tropical prints

Decorate with fruit prints.

If, in addition to plants, you add a tropical pattern, you’ll be on the right road to bringing summer to your living room.

It can be achieved by using wallpaper with large leaves, some decorative fruit elements, or letting a few flamingo cushions take a seat on your sofa. There are so many possibilities!

Bring summer to your living room with a little help from the ocean

Nautical sailor style.

There’s nothing more summery than the ocean! The beach, the smell of salt, the sand, the color blue… Although you can’t take all of that home with you, you can include some nautical-inspired element such as and for example, blue and white stripes in your fabrics. You can also adorn your living room with conches or wood recovered from the sea. 

Also, you can use items that we associate with the beach, such as baskets, straw hats, and beach bags. You could even hang a hammock or a hanging chair in the middle of your living room!

As you’ve seen, it’s not complicated at all to let summer creep into your living room. You can do it in a very economical way and without having to undergo a major renovation.

Changing your accessories and the look and feel of your home from time to time makes you see it with new eyes. It’s this that’ll make you fall in love with your home again and, incidentally, you can take advantage of this time to complete a thorough clean and declutter.

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