Consider These Soft Fabrics for Comfort

Use soft fabrics in your home to create a relaxing atmosphere
Consider These Soft Fabrics for Comfort

Last update: 18 May, 2020

Fundamentally, furniture is covered with the best upholstery fabric. Soft fabrics mean comfort.

Understanding what the softest fabrics for comfort are can help achieve this. 

Knowing the different types of textures helps us choose the best fabrics. Some materials will appeal and others won’t.

First, we should consider what our furniture is like and what it’s made of. It’s important to decide which materials enhance the decor.

 Velvety soft fabrics for the sofa

Green velvet sofa with soft fabric

The first question that we should ask is how often we’ll be using the sofa. When we use it daily, the upholstery will get a certain amount of wear. Because of that, we need a fabric that is strong and can tolerate continual use. 

Of course, we want a covering that is soft and pleasant to the touch. A velvety texture can do this. Also, it should resist wear and tear. Also important to realize is that it’ll require special care and careful cleaning.

To make this kind of fabric resistant, look into using Aquaclean Technology. This is a system that protects fibers and makes the fabric more durable. This way, if the sofa gets dirty you only need to resort to using water to remove the dirt.

Everyone would love a sofa that has quality upholstery. In the long run, you’ll appreciate this, mainly because you won’t need to change the covering.

Velvet is as pleasant to look at as it is to touch –

Natural fabrics – Comfort and wellbeing

An assortment of different colored fabrics

If we compare natural fabrics with synthetic fabrics we can see a difference. This is as true visually as it is with the feel of the fabric. More pleasant textures tend to be those that are made with natural fibers. So let’s look at some of the characteristics that define them best:

  • Silk is very attractive visually and of course, nice to touch. Sheets and blankets made of silk can give us special sensual pleasure.
  • Everyday clothing tends to be made from cotton. It’s perhaps one of the most popular fibers. Also, we can see it in other decorative items such as towels made of Egyptian cotton. 
  • One of the less common, but soft to the touch fabrics is Alcantara, a type of polyester. It can be easily washed and at the same time is a very durable fabric. It’s different from the previous fabrics we mentioned.
  • Flannel, which is warm and very soft, is another fabric that is common for bedsheets. Moreover, it protects the body from humidity and the cold. Similar to flannel,  Carolina cotton is in this category.

What are the best soft fabrics for upholstery?

Three chairs with velvet seats and patterned backs

If you want to upholster a chair, you can use resistant materials, and also soft. But be sure that you use high-quality material. If not, it may wear out in a short time.

Light canvas-type fabric can look artificial. This is mainly due to the rigidity of its appearance. Nevertheless, it’s a soft material, that’s durable and suits any budget. 

On the other hand, if you want a fabric that’s strong and comfortable at the same time, chenille is ideal. What is it made of? Principally polyester, viscose, and cotton make up chenille, which is a soft fabric.

What’s the story on synthetics?

In one way, synthetics appear so artificial that they aren’t nice to look at. On the other hand, synthetics can look good.

In summary, the materials that offer comfort and well-being are the velvets and natural fibers. 

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