Decorating Your Sofa With Cushions: Infallible Advice

Discover our tricks and advice for decorating your sofa with cushions. Finding the balance is key and you'll soon discover why.
Decorating Your Sofa With Cushions: Infallible Advice

Last update: 29 November, 2021

If you’ve bought a new sofa or want to update your living room you should read our advice for decorating your sofa with cushions. By following our advice, you’ll be able to give your living room a warm and modern look. In addition to this, cushions will contribute to making your sofa much more comfortable, both for you and your guests.

Many people think that decorating a sofa with cushions isn’t something that needs much thought. The truth is that there are some simple tricks to help you give your sofa more prominence. Aspects such as the size, color, and location of the cushions you choose will influence your entire look. Ready to know more? Keep reading!

Advice for decorating your sofa with cushions

Symmetry in location of the cushions

Next, we’re going to share some infallible advice for decorating your sofa with cushions. Finding the balance is key and you’ll soon discover why.

Work on symmetry

When decorating your sofa with cushions it’s important to be clear about the concept of symmetry. This means the exact correspondence in shape, size, and position of the parts of a whole.

In this case, we refer to the importance of placing cushions in symmetry with your sofa. Otherwise, it’ll seem that disorder reigns in your living room and this will affect the feeling of rest and relaxation that you should convey.

To guarantee your desired look, start to arrange the cushions from the ends, leaving the same distance to place the next one, and so on until they come together. The larger cushions should be on the sides and the smaller ones on the inside. You can decorate completely from the front or diagonally.

Another idea is to focus the cushions at one end, placing the largest ones at the back and varying their designs. On the other end, add a blanket or one single large cushion.

Consider the number of cushions you’ll need to decorate your sofa

Combine colors and tectures

Without affecting the concept of symmetry, the rule about the number of cushions you use isn’t carved in stone. However, the best decor practices indicate that you should use an odd number of cushions. So, depending on the size of your sofa, use three, five, seven, nine, or more cushions.

This makes your living room feel and look natural and relaxed and this is exactly what it’s about; your spaces are thought out, but not forced. You don’t want your guests to feel uncomfortable or avoid sitting down because everything looks too perfect.

The size of your cushions depends on your sofa

Remember, as it’s so important to maintain symmetry and balance, it’s important that the size of your cushions are consistent with that of your sofa. For standard furniture, the best size cushions are 50 cm by 50 cm. They won’t look extravagant, but they won’t be invisible either.

Although you don’t necessarily have to have cushions of the same size, very small cushions mixed with ones that are very large won’t provide the balance you need.

Choose a combination of shapes and designs

Number of cushions to decorate your sofa.

This is one piece of advice that you’ll enjoy the most: a combination of shapes and designs is allowed! Square cushions combine so well with rectangular and round ones.

Mixing designs is also allowed because this adds dynamism and a touch of personality to your sofa. Of course, these designs should combine with the base color of your sofa and with the shades of accessories such as blankets, curtains, rugs, and wallpaper.

One option is to combine plain cushions with prints in stripes, spots, and flowers, among other designs that go according to the decorative style of your home.

How will you decorate your sofa with cushions?

As you can see, decorating your sofa with cushions is something simple, but it requires focus to maintain balance among shapes and sizes. Only then will it be possible to transmit the positive feeling that you can enjoy.

The sofa is a piece of furniture designed for rest, comfort, and relaxation. Remember this when you’re decorating and organizing all your accessories.