Lawn Care Tips for Fall

Do you give your lawn special care in the fall?
Lawn Care Tips for Fall

Last update: 05 December, 2020

During fall, you can still enjoy your lawn, full of color and fragrances. But before doing this, you’ll need to do certain things to care for it. Continue reading and we’ll show you some lawn care tips for the fall season.

With the arrival of fall, your yard will go through changes, overall in its appearance and color. Consequently, you’ll need to change the way you take care of it. You’ll notice that some plants will still keep blooming with bright colors. However, little by little the leaves will begin to start falling off.

Because of this, and to keep enjoying your yard before winter, it’s vital to take control and care for your lawn. Fall is the perfect season of the year to clear out some of the dried plants and leaves. It’s the time that you can enjoy the season now that winter is on its way,

This season is also the time to fertilize and take care of the ground, among other garden tasks. Read on and you’ll discover some key aspects to get your garden in perfect condition for fall.

Lawn care in the fall – rake the leaves

Children gathering up leaves in a yard

One of the main tasks is the cleanup before the arrival of winter. Raking the leaves that have fallen from the trees is very important.

When raking, you can also clean up the yard by getting rid of the weeds. Remove old plants too. Then, you’ll be able to plant flowers such as pansies and violets that withstand frost and can bloom continually until spring.

Get ready for the next blooming period

You can take advantage of the fall by planting fruit trees, conifers, or rose bushes, but always take into account the condition of the soil.

Fall is going to let you get ready for spring when you can plant bulbs that will fill your yard with tulips and hyacinths.

If you intend to plant fruit trees, we recommend that you do it in pairs or by combining different varieties. At the same time, you need to make sure they’re the same species. This will guarantee pollination since they can’t pollinate themselves.

When planting a tree, always remember to remove the weeds that you find around it. We recommend this since weeds can take water away from the tree along with nutrients from the soil.

Use the right amount of water for lawn care in the fall

A woman watering the plants with a hose

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In general, the fall is cold and rainy, which is the reason you should water less frequently. If you live in a rainy area, we suggest that you don’t water your lawn.

But remember, this depends on the needs of each plant in the climate zone where you live. Generally, water with moderation about twice a week.

On the other hand, if you’re in a very dry climate, you can water every three days. If you have a sprinkler system, you can program it to turn on less frequently.

Taking care of the grass

A lawn mower, important for lawn care

Just like any plant in your yard, the grass needs a particular type of care that is specific for each time of year. When you no longer have the intense heat of summer, in fall the grass will need treatment that allows it to tolerate the winter cold.

Raking the leaves is important, and when it comes to the grass, it will allow it to get more oxygen. After raking the leaves, you can then add fertilizer.

Remember that in autumn, the grass grows at a slower pace, so it’s best to cut it at a higher level. It’s also important to cut it less often, giving it a resting time.

Don’t forget to give it enough rest. This means cutting it 2 to 4 times a month.

As we’ve already mentioned, the key is to take care of your yard in the fall and prepare it for the more severe weather of winter. If you use these tips to take care of your lawn in the fall, it’ll be perfect for the rest of the year.


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