The Perfect Spring Terrace: How To Create Yours

The perfect terrace is at your fingertips. Today we'll tell you how to create it. Do you feel like relaxing?
The Perfect Spring Terrace: How To Create Yours

Last update: 29 June, 2019

With good weather around the corner, it’s time to enjoy the outdoors. So we’ll help you create the perfect spring terrace with a few simple and effective tricks.

You’ll need tables, a sofa, many cushions, large and leafy plants, flowers, and lighting, such as candles and lanterns. With these elements, you can enjoy a cool breeze on hot nights, spend beautiful evenings under the light of the moon, or give the kids a snack outside.

The musts of a perfect spring terrace

Keep in mind your hobbies; whether you like to sleep, read, or have parties. You should adapt your perfect spring terrace to your tastes. So the elements you include should take these factors into account.

But, broadly speaking, there are features that are must-haves in creating the ideal terrace. We’ll give you some tips to welcome the spring in style.

A little gardening

A spring terrace can be a great way to enjoy the weather.

No terrace is complete without a small garden. Consider resistant and leafy outdoor plants so that along with some greenery, they also offer privacy. You should also choose aromatic plants, such as lavender, mint (for mojitos), rosemary, etc. And don’t forget to keep back some extra space to store your gardening tools.

Resistant outdoor plants

  • Hydrangeas: These are beautiful and catch the sun like no other plant. In winter they don’t have flowers, but the shrubs can still provide privacy.
  • Boxwoods: This is a very decorative shrub. They have small leaves and always stay green. The more you prune it, the more it grows.
  • Dalia: This flower grows in the summer and is beautiful. You need sun, but take care that it doesn’t get too hot. Also, keep it very damp.
  • Ferns: As long as they don’t sit in direct sunlight, they are very sturdy plants. They are perfect for a terrace full of life.
  • Jasmine: This plant climbs so it’s great if you have a lattice. The best part? Its aroma is intoxicating and delicious.

A reading corner

A reading corner outside on a balcony.

Laying in the shade and enjoy a good book is one of the pleasures of good weather. But choose your furniture carefully. Consider if you want a sofa, lounger, or armchair to be comfortable. Also, choose colorful and fluffy cushions. You’ll also want a blanket or throw on hand if it gets a bit chilly.

You can also add a couple of side tables to have a snack on hand or a place to set your book. Decorate the tables with vases and candles to give more atmosphere.

The most important thing about a spring terrace is making sure you have some shade. For this, you might need a pergola or an umbrella, depending on the amount of space you have.

For napping

A hammock is a great addition to a terrace.

Another great pleasure of the spring is afternoon naps. And where better to nap than in a hammock out on your terrace, in the shade and sheltered by plants that give off a fresh and beautiful aroma. You can install a hammock from wall to wall, but close it up when you’re not using it so that it doesn’t get in the way.

For the party lovers

An outdoor area set up for a party.

There’s nothing better than gathering all your friends around a table. A spring terrace makes a great place to do this around an outdoor table. Set up the area with a table and chairs, but consider choosing those that are stackable. That way you can tidy them away.

If you love barbecuing, don’t think twice! You can build one or if you have a small terrace, there are efficient portable models.

If you frequently give parties, you can have a piece of furniture to hide the snacks, glasses, plates, and a tablecloth. That way you’ll have everything you need so you’re not constantly going in and out of the house.

Create your own place for friends and family to relax and chill out in your home. Put on some music, and set out candles, flowers, and a bunch of floor cushions so your guests can relax. This is how we imagine our perfect terrace. What’s yours like?