It's Spring! Prepare Your Garden With These Tricks

The time has come to enjoy the sun. If you have a garden, we suggest that you prepare it to fill yourself with vitality.
It's Spring! Prepare Your Garden With These Tricks

Last update: 20 April, 2021

It’s already spring. If you love to enjoy the sun and good weather and you’re lucky enough to have a garden, you have to set it up so that you can take full advantage of it.

Pay attention to the advice that we give you: you’ll see that by following our guidelines, you can have a beautiful and one hundred percent gorgeous outdoor space.

If you have a garden, you have a treasure

Shopping to enjoy an outdoor home

Not everyone is fortunate to have outdoor space. If you are one of the lucky ones, before you can enjoy it to the fullest, we suggest that you make it perfect .

It’s time to repair the furniture, plant flowers, and do some gardening. With these tips, you can spend time in the fresh air. You’ll feel like you’re on an eternal vacation.

Repair furniture

Outdoor furniture is usually made of wood or plastic. In both cases, rain, sun, and dust damage it. To be able to use them, you have to look after them. In the case of wood, it is advisable to varnish it with a specific product that protects it. Of course, you can choose between a matte, satin, or glossy finish.

Some products can help you give your plastic furniture a second life. Of course, before you start, wash it with soap and water – you’ll be surprised to see how good it looks.

What about the floors in your garden?

You should not forget that the floor is one of the main elements to make your garden cozy. Depending on the material you choose, you can create a cooler or warmer environment as needed. We recommend that you choose non-slip finishes. They are very easy to install.

They are made of wood, ceramic, composite, resin, etc. You can even add a space with natural or artificial grass. In Leroy Merlin, you find all kinds of options.

Do you need privacy?

If you have neighbors and you want to gain a bit of privacy, we suggest you use fences to give a decorative touch. You can also use them to define areas in the garden and create different environments, for example, a chill-out space, a children’s area, or an outdoor dining room. You will find several systems, from plastic to more natural ones such as bamboo, rattan, or wicker.

Your garden needs a storage space

The minimalist style chest: a new trend for the home

If you’re going to use your garden, we advise you to consider putting furniture in storage. By doing this, you avoid going in and out of the house and you will have everything at hand.

There are chests, trunks, or cabinets of different heights. They are a great help to store toys, cleaning, and gardening products and you could even leave china, glasses, and cutlery in them for when you eat outside. In Mano Mano, they have many options.

The green, do not miss

A garden needs plants. Regardless of the type of flooring you choose, it’s always recommended that you have space for nature. You can leave an area of grass or add some pots with your favorite plants. Choose colorful flowers to fill your garden with joy and don’t forget about mosquito repellent plants.

Do you have a pool?

Great! Surely you already know how to look after your pool: clean it, put products in it, check the filters, the water mechanisms, etc. But beyond all that, don’t forget the fun, especially if you have kids.

Buy toys, mats, a slide… everything for you to have a great time. You’ll find all kinds of ideas that will allow you to enjoy your garden to the fullest.

Lastly, don’t forget to decorate with warm and colorful objects. Add garlands, natural fiber details, and everything you need to keep you comfortable.

Outdoor lighting is very important and will help you create that special atmosphere you’re looking for. Now yes! Take a deep breath and experience spring.