Outdoor Furniture - Do You Know How to Take Care of It?

Wood, natural fibers, metal, resin, stone... these are some of the materials used to make patio and garden furniture. Do you want yours to always look new? Then follow this advice.
Outdoor Furniture - Do You Know How to Take Care of It?

Last update: 05 October, 2020

Taking care of your outdoor furniture is essential, in both summer and winter.

Choosing the material for outdoor furniture will depend on your taste and the general style of the home but, also, you should take into account which is the most resistant and which is the easiest to take care of.

Taking care of outdoor furniture – the different materials

A nicely decorated deck.

Taking care of wooden outdoor furniture

People usually use wood outside because it feels warm and rustic. There are different types of wood, but teak is recommended because it’s very hard, waterproof, and extremely durable.

However, bear in mind that the main enemy of this material is moisture. For this reason, we don’t recommend leaving wooden furniture out in the open unless it’s treated.

Generally, wood maintenance is very basic. Normally it tends to fade from one season to another even though it’s been treated. Keep this in mind when you buy outdoor furniture.

To bring its color back, first sand the furniture down and then apply a polyurethane or synthetic varnish. You’ll see how good the result will be: it’ll look just like a new piece of furniture.

If the wood is deteriorated or hasn’t been properly treated, it must be restored by applying linseed oil or a primer that’ll penetrate and seal the cracks and damaged surfaces.

Taking care of natural fibers

Wicker, cane, or bamboo are very decorative but at the same time very delicate. Their main disadvantage is they fall apart when out in the open because the water causes rot and the sun dries them out.

To make them stick around a little longer and look better in the garden, furniture made with natural fibers should be placed under a roof or awning. Also, you should place them on stable and solid ground with no damp.

You can easily clean this kind of furniture by wiping it with a dry cloth. Another option is to use a slightly damp cloth on the stains and to get rid of the dirt that gets between the cracks.

If the fibers have loose ends, we recommend applying a little colorless wood varnish with the help of a brush. You’ll see it’ll give them a more natural touch.

A terrace with outdoor furniture.

Taking care of metal

To guarantee the long life of aluminum furniture, you should just wash it with soapy water and dry it with a cloth approximately once a month.

Iron, however, needs more care to prevent rust. Most modern designs usually have an antioxidant finish that’ll protect them from corrosion. In any case, it’s very important to clean iron regularly with soapy water and polish the smooth surfaces with mineral oil, which will give it a nice finish.

Finally, steel. Stainless steel is more resistant to rust and corrosion. To properly take care of it, we recommend soaping it periodically with water and then drying it with a cloth.

Using and taking care of synthetic resin

This is the furniture that lasts the longest and is the easiest to maintain. Resistance is not its main feature, since it doesn’t support much weight or contact with hot objects.

It can be kept in the sun (as long as it isn’t direct) and rain doesn’t harm it. On the other hand, it’s easy to put away since it’s usually stackable. Its price and variety in colors and designs help increase the decorative effect of the outdoor area.

To properly take care of resin, it’s enough just cleaning it with a cloth with a little bit of warm water and detergent. You can then rinse it with a hose and leave it to dry in the sun.

Some furniture on a lawn.
Image: amazon.es

Taking care of stone

Stone furniture, usually artificial, is unusual in urban gardens. However, its use in country gardens is very popular.

In addition to giving a rustic touch to the environment, the properties of the stone give great strength and durability. It may be that this material is part of a piece of furniture or is mixed with another material.

People usually place stone furniture on grass surfaces and you can even put it on uneven terrain as it sits firmly on the ground due to its weight.

It’s very easy and practical to take care of. Spraying it with a hose is more than enough to keep it in good condition. Also, it’s very resistant to the sun and rain.

What did you think of our tips for keeping your outdoor furniture in good condition? They’re very easy procedures to carry out. Let’s get to work!

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