Wine Cellar - How to Make Your Own

The way to know if you're a true wine lover is whether you need to make your own wine cellar at home. These sorts of spaces always come across as sophisticated and elegant -- mainly to those who seldom drink the wine and keep it stored instead.  ;-)
Wine Cellar - How to Make Your Own

Last update: 19 October, 2019

Are you an oenophile who likes to collect bottles of different brands and regions from around the world? If so, you’re ready for a wine cellar. Today we’d like to show you how to make your own so you can design it with your own unique needs in mind and can keep it well organized.

Wine is becoming more popular nowadays. There are multiple companies dedicated to the production and distribution of wine all over the world, especially in those areas where it’s produced. It seems there’s been a revaluation of the role of wine in western society.

It seems that, on many occasions, the only way to enjoy a good glass of wine is to go to a specialized wine store that carries a wide variety of brands. These are lovely, mainly because they seem to be so perfectly organized. So, if you’re into this look then for sure you’d like to also have it at home.

What’s a wine cellar?

A wine cabinet.

Wine cellars are an organizational system for wine bottles. These are distributed in various specialized shelves and categories so you can easily find what you’re looking for. It’s like a library.

In addition, a wine cellar has specific furniture for the arrangement of bottles. It’s not just a regular bookshelf. In fact, these often come in a special format to make the placement of the bottles as secure as possible.

At the same time, you must also follow a careful aesthetic that reflects your taste for this drink. It’s all about art when it comes to wine, and showing the varieties and subtleties of wine bottles in order for them to be easily available definitely qualifies as such.

“Wine is bottled poetry.”

R. L. Stevenson

How to make a wine cellar at home

A wine cabinet.

The first thing you’ll need is a large space located in a cool place in your house. For example, warm or south-facing areas aren’t too convenient. A cellar or a basement or a storage room away from the sun is preferable. The important thing is for the wine to have a suitable storage environment.

  • Shelving – these are simple and elegant, you can place the standing bottles on each shelf and next to each other. They are organized in the categories of your choice and the label is visible.
  • Laying down bottles -this style is similar to the previous one. It also has shelves but the spaces are designed exclusively for single bottles. This system has a small curve so that it can hold the bottle on its side.
  • Another way is to insert each bottle into a square, circular or polygonal cubicle and only leave the bottle cap visible. The label won’t be visible, but it will definitely look well organized and subtle.
  • Honeycomb here, the bottles are arranged on inclined shelves that form a sort of honeycomb. You can place several bottles in each hole, even on top of others. However, this system would make it hard to read the wine labels.

If you’re going to use a format where the labels aren’t visible, then you should stick on labels posters of each type of wine where they belong so you can easily locate them.

Main materials for your wine cellar

The structure of these shelves should be strong and compact. The following materials might be the most convenient:

  • Wood – this material can support the weight of the wine bottles as long as it has a wide and resistant structure. The warmth of the wood gives it an elegant and sophisticated air.
  • Metal – this one might be less convenient if you’re going to make the shelves yourself. It does have a drawback though – it gets colder faster than the wood. However, you can definitely create something of an industrial character with it.

-“Wine is a wonderfully appropriate thing for man.”


Space and aesthetics

Storage made with wood and bricks.

As we mentioned above, place your wine cellar in a cool and dry space. Mainly where the temperature doesn’t have extreme changes so your wine will be well preserved.

Of course, this spot will considerably change and acquire character and sophistication as soon as you store your wine in it. You’ll be able to show your guests that your taste is refined, subtle and interesting.

Try to place your wine cellar next to a wall. The main goal here is for there to be space to carefully look at each bottle. In other words, the room should be a sort of wine museum where you’ll be able to choose the one you want to try next.

Thanks for reading.