Ways to Decorate a School Classroom

To improve study conditions and help make classes more productive, it's important to keep in mind decorative aspects of the classroom.
Ways to Decorate a School Classroom

Last update: 28 July, 2020

One of the functions of teachers is to make sure students feel comfortable in the classroom. So we’ll give you some ways to decorate a school classroom! It’s important to make it a welcoming and appropriate space for studying.

Generally, classrooms have all kinds of posters, objects, and pictures on the wall. However, this can create visual oversaturation that doesn’t actually benefit learning. When there isn’t any order or organization, this can lead to chaos and a lack of cleanliness.

Therefore, it’s crucial to take a hard look at your classroom and decide if you have a positive learning environment or if you should consider a change in decor. As a teacher, you should create a climate of confidence, well-being, and mental health.

Create some guidelines

You don't want to oversaturate the decoration of a school classroom.

The main purpose of decoration in the school classroom is to create harmony through thematic and aesthetic agreement. In fact, you should create a balance between all the resources you use. In addition, teachers and administrators should use the same procedure for the entire educational center.

However, this doesn’t mean that all the school classrooms have to have the same decoration. Instead, there should be a well-established balance and relationship between all materials and the way they are arranged. As a result, it’s important that other teachers follow the same guidelines.

Consider some decorative concepts suitable for education. All educators have a common purpose. In decorating school classrooms, teachers aim to encourage learning. Any decorative elements that don’t benefit the learning process aren’t helpful towards the goal.

-In addition to decoration, you can also encourage learning.-

5 tips for decorating a school classroom

A bright children's educational center.

The teacher and the educational center as a whole should focus on a decorative style that encourages learning. Specifically, you should include elements that help arouse curiosity in young learners. Let’s look at some useful tips:

  • You should place the teacher’s desk in a corner, with the blackboard in the center next to it. This helps make the teachers’ job more comfortable. The student desks should always be in line or symmetrical to help keep a clean environment.
  • We don’t recommend filling an entire wall with posters. Instead, choose a select few. If possible, frame them so that they don’t fade over time and look brand new. Science or history posters are great choices.
  • If the classroom is for young children, we also recommend using letters and numbers in different colors. You can place them around the classroom. Although it might not seem like it, seeing these every day can help the information stay in the students’ minds. This is a way of learning subconsciously.
  • You should have a bookshelf against a wall or in a corner with books for reading or studying. Don’t put this in a prominent area as it can be distracting for children. Anything you place directly in front of students will attract their eyes.
  • For coat racks, we recommend placing these at the back of the class. This prevents distraction too. It also stops students from having to put their coats on the backs of their chairs and so avoids discomfort.

The color of a school classroom – an aspect to consider

For a classroom, you want a color that helps promote concentration while also energizing students. Often, students lose focus in class due to some of the decorative aspects of the classroom.

One option is using white. This is a very common color in schools since it doesn’t distract students but also helps classrooms feel light and bright.

You also have the option to combine white with another color, such as green or yellow. However, you don’t want this color to dominate the walls. One way to do this is to divide the wall into two parts – paint the lower part with color and the upper part white.

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