Old Light Bulbs: Give Them a Second Life

We use light bulbs, burn them out and toss them. We have some ideas on reusing your light bulbs to support a healthier environment and create an original project.
Old Light Bulbs: Give Them a Second Life

Last update: 14 March, 2019

If you want to learn how to recycle old light bulbs, we have some fun and practical ideas for you. When a light bulb stops working, we rarely think about recycling or using them for a new project. So, we want to show you different ways to create something new with an old light bulb.

With your imagination you can paint them, use them to create a decorative accessory or a functional object and many other things as well. Before starting any activity with your old light bulbs, remember that you’re working with glass and discard the interior parts carefully.

Protect your hands, mouth and eyes when removing the interior parts and wash your light bulb thoroughly. Read how to do it step-by-step here.

Old light bulbs as storage spaces

You can make all kinds of storage elements by recycling your old light bulbs. They’ll look precious and original in your home.

Salt and pepper shaker

Once your light bulbs are thoroughly cleaned, use them to make a cute salt and pepper shaker set for your meals at home. Try to make a wooden holder for them as well. Fill your new containers with salt and pepper. You’ll love how cute and practical they are.

You can make a top out of any material you want and punch a hole or two into it. Another great idea is using chalk paint and writing out “salt” and “pepper” with chalk. Your table will look so original.

Cocktail glasses

If you have several light bulbs that you don’t use anymore and are planning a party, another intriguing idea is using them for creative cocktail glasses. Use fun light bulbs and invite your guests in a truly original way. Also, create a structure with holes to hold the glasses.

light bulb 1

Create an awesome lamp with your recycled light bulbs

Decorate a light fixture

Decorating a bare lamp or one without a lamp shape with your recycled light bulbs is a really original project. If you have transparent light bulbs, paint and decorate each one with two or more colors. If you have colorful light bulbs, use them to create a cool lamp.

Hang them around your main light fixture, suspending them from the ceiling with a strong piece of string at different lengths. Make sure your main light is nice and bright. The light will reflect off of your old light bulbs and create a beautiful decorative effect.

Christmas lights

Christmas string lights are a trend as well as a great idea for decorating interiors. They can create a cozy, warm atmosphere. Fit them inside your old light bulb and hang it anywhere in your home, no matter the season.

Fun details

So far, we’ve gone over ideas for creating functional elements. But you can also make objects that are purely decorative and beautiful for your home and certain times of the year.

Candle-holder decoration

If you have an old candle-holder laying around, attach a light bulb to the top. Use it to hold your favorite decorations.

A beautiful idea is adding small, dried flowers in different colors into your light bulb. You could place it on top of a small table in your living room along with other decor pieces.

Decorative garlands

You can also create thematic garlands. If you want to decorate your home according to each season, thematic garlands will look beautiful for autumn, winter, spring, and summer.

For example, you could knit your light bulbs with different colors. After, add on your favorite decor details. Tie each light bulb with a piece of string and hang it from the ceiling in your entrance way.

light bulb 2

Dolls for your little ones

Thanks to their shape, light bulbs can be used to create fun objects for little ones. You could make hot air balloons in different shades of pastel colors and hang them from the ceiling in your children’s rooms.

Make bees, snowmen or your children’s favorite characters. Have fun with them painting old light bulbs to create cute objects.

As you’ve read with us today, old light bulbs offer all kinds of cool and fun possibilities for creating or decorating functional objects. And all the raft materials are easy to find and your wallet will stay full. Have fun and design your own light fixtures, glasses, garlands, decor details and plenty more.

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