How Do You Decorate the Dining Room Table?

The dining room table is the main attraction of the dining room. It's where you have meetings, conversations and meals. You gather your family and friends around it for fun and feasts. Therefore, you should give it the attention it deserves.
How Do You Decorate the Dining Room Table?

Last update: 28 January, 2021

You should pay attention to even the smallest detail. From the dining room table itself to the napkins, nothing should be neglected. How you decorate the dining room table makes a difference in the comfort of your guests. You want to make sure they have the best possible time when they are in your home.

Showing how to decorate the dining room table

In today’s post, we will give you the secrets to a perfect table. You can have a table like the ones in the magazines!

Choose the right dining room table

The dining room table should be as comfortable as possible. The first thing you need to do is to choose the most appropriate table for your dining room. 

The size should be proportional to that of the room. If you choose a very large table and the room is small, the space will look even smaller. But if you like large furniture then go for the larger table.

Keep in mind that to be comfortable, each person needs about 60 cm of table space. Therefore, we recommend a table from 160 to 180 cm. The appropriate height is about 75-80 cm.

As for the shape of the table, they are usually rectangular. This allows for symmetry in the room. A good idea is to buy an extendable table. This way, you can adapt the table according to the number of guests you have.

A round table is also a good choice if you have enough space. Round tables don’t make the best use of space since rooms are usually rectangular. But a round table encourages conversation because of its shape.

Round dining room table

Most of the dining room tables that people use are wooden ones. They give a greater feeling of warmth and comfort than the others. Wood also goes well with almost any decor. Where you can make the most difference is with the legs of the table. You can choose metal, steel or even glass.

The tableware

If you want your dining room table to look perfect, you have to invest in beautiful tableware that matches  the room. We suggest that you choose neutral shades that pair well with all kinds of decor. It also will give you more ways to arrange the dishes so, be original and use your imagination.

Another trend in table decoration is to mix the different dishes that you have at home. This is fine as long as they match rather closely to the other dishes. One idea is to use white tableware with similar ones that have gold or silver accents. This will make the table look elegant and refined.

Another trend is to use square dishes. They make the table look delicate but bold at the same time. You can also play with how you place the dishes to make the table as creative as possible. You can even combine them with round plates.

Another detail that will be an extra plus for your dining table is to use slate platters to serve appetizers, wooden boards for bread and bamboo salad bowls. You have a thousand and one ways to surprise your guests.

The appearance of your table will make your guests take notice. They will see that you look after even the smallest detail. Another great idea is to use small place markers with the guests’ names on them. Apart from serving as decoration, your guests will appreciate the personal detail. Also, they won’t have to fight over the seats.

Dining room table with glass legs

The perfect light

Light is a key element to create the most pleasant environment possible. It provides warmth and comfort. You can change the lighting to fit whatever kind of dinner it is. Whether it’s a dinner with friends or family, Christmas dinner, a business dinner or a romantic dinner, you can change the lighting to fit either.

The trick is to combine different types of lights. This way, you can easily change the mood of the room as you see fit. There shouldn’t be just one point of light unless it is a chandelier and you are going for a vintage look. Chandeliers are good if you want to highlight the dishes on the table. 

As for light bulbs, choose those that give off warm lighting. Skip the fluorescent lights because they give off a cooler feel. A good idea is to place LED lights on the table or on another piece of furniture. At the end of the meal, you can have a drink with only those lights on.

To enhance the atmosphere and make it even warmer, add some candles to the table. The room will feel more intimate. This is ideal for romantic evenings. Another option is to use a chandelier if you are going for a more sophisticated feel.

Lighted dining room table

As a final touch to a perfect evening, you can play soft music in the background to accompany the conversation. You can also give small gifts to your guests at the end of the night. Your guests won’t forget your hospitality or that you are an expert decorator.