Decorate Using Wine Bottles and Corks

Decorating with wine bottles and corks is quite simple and you can do it yourself. It's a great way to celebrate your taste in wine.
Decorate Using Wine Bottles and Corks

Last update: 26 July, 2021

When you decorate using wine bottles and corks it’s a style that’s out of the ordinary. It’s a quirky alternative for those who are passionate about the world of wine.

In addition, it’s a low-cost decorating option because it uses recycled materials and, therefore, is totally original.

In today’s article, we’ll give you some decorative and functional ideas that you can create at home to celebrate your taste in wine.

What is decorating with wine bottles and corks?

Decorate with wine bottles and corks.

This type of decoration consists of using elements from the world of wine to stylize special corners of your home.

From an aesthetic point of view, it’s far better to introduce small elements to your decor rather than make it entirely wine-related. Otherwise, it’ll seem more like a thematic decoration.

If your planned project is big and you need a large number of corks, some stores sell cork bags at a good price. Equally, if you need a lot of wine bottles, be patient as you start collecting them. You can also enlist your friends to help and ask them to start saving their empty bottles for you.

Decorate with wine bottles and corks in the kitchen

Christmas tree-shaped coasters.

There are many elements, items, and accessories that you can make from bottles of wine and corks. You can create simple items, complicated objects, and sophisticated accessories, anything goes!

You just have to seek inspiration and get to work. For the kitchen we present the following ideas:

  • Coasters: to make cork coasters you’ll need corks and hot silicone to glue them. The technique is very simple, just cut the cork in half along its length, so that the flat part is face down and the round part is facing up. Then glue them to each other on their sides. They don’t have to all be facing the same direction, you can make a square coaster with a mixture of vertical and horizontal cork placement.
  • Placemats: you’ll need quite a few corks for this project. Of course, the technique is exactly the same as above. You can even try gluing the corks in a zigzag shape. These placemats are so stylish, it’ll appear as if you bought them in a designer store. 
  • Glasses: Yes, you can even make glasses from wine bottles! The technique is a bit complex but once you get the hang of it, it’s so easy. Firstly, mark where you want to cut the bottle, that is, the height that you want your glass. You can do this with a special drill bit or with a glass cutter. Then, apply heat on the line that you’ve marked and start turning the bottle as you cut. Finally, place the bottle under a stream of cold water to cool, and voila! Sand the surface that you’ve cut and you’ve got some beautiful, unique glasses.

Why not use the same technique to cut the bottle crosswise? This makes a great tray for serving nuts and potato chips, for example.

Ideas for your office and hallway

Board with wine bottle corks.

The first idea we’ll present for your office or hallway is to make a corkboard where you can post notes. This board will be perfect for your office, your hall, and even your kitchen.

To carry out this project you’ll need some corks and a thin wooden board. You can buy wooden boards from craft stores. Simply glue the corks to the board with silicone and add a piece of string to hang it and you’re ready to go!

The second idea is to write a word or an inspirational phrase on your wine bottles. If you’re only going to use one bottle, you can write ‘love’ or ‘happiness’. If you’re going to use several bottles, you can write a letter or a word on each bottle to create an inspirational or humorous phrase.

The technique is to write with hot silicone and when it dries, you can spray paint the bottle. This idea is great for the office, hallway, or living room.

Decorating your living room and bedrooms with wine bottles and corks

Lamps made from wine bottles.

This attention-grabbing idea is to make a pendant lamp out of wine bottles. It’s super showy, right on-trend, and looks smart and sophisticated.

To do it, cut the wine bottle a few centimeters from the bottom. This will give access to the fitting and will be from where the light will shine.

The next step is to insert the bulb (with the necessary wiring and fitting), connect to the electricity and check that it works. Then hang it to the ceiling; it’s really that easy!

Another stunning idea for the living room is to make picture frames from corks. You’ll only need an old photo frame that needs a facelift.

With hot silicone, stick the corks to fill the frame and that’s it. An alternative is to paint the odd cork in a certain color or spray the entire frame in a metallic tone.


As you can see, decorating with bottles of wine and corks involves projects that are easy to carry out and with minimal investment. As we always say, when it comes to low-cost or handmade items, creativity is the boss!