Drink Coasters - Eight Ways to Make Your Own

Drink coasters are the perfect home decor and also protect your furniture. The best thing is you can make them yourself with materials you already have at home. Check out these ideas.
Drink Coasters - Eight Ways to Make Your Own

Last update: 28 October, 2019

How would you like to never have to deal with those annoying water stains left by hot and cold drinks when you place them on your furniture? Yes, there are many cleaning products you can use to remove them. But, why go through all the trouble? So, prevention is the best solution and you can design and make your own drink coasters instead.

You may not know it but, coasters are a popular object in recent years because they’re very practical and help you protect any surface that’s of your home. Many people add use them to add a touch of pizzazz to their tables. In addition, they come in all sorts of designs and materials. But, you don’t have to get the ones currently on the market, just get creative and make them yourself.

Making your own drink coasters

Did you know it isn’t necessary to make a large investment to have nice coasters? In fact, there are many recyclable items you can easily transform. So, here are some DYI ideas to encourage you if you still don’t have any.

1. Drink coasters with soda caps

A couple drink coasters made with bottle caps.

To begin with, this is a great idea for people committed to reducing the amount of waste we produce and taking care of our environment. You can make a beautiful colored coaster like the one in the picture by recycling soda caps.


To begin, collect caps of the same size and glue them to a piece of cardboard or fabric with a thin base. Then, paint them with any of your favorite colors.

2. CD drink coasters

A set of CD coasters.

Those old music CDs you no longer use make awesome coasters. And, again, you won’t have to spend too much on materials. Just test your creativity with these to see what you can come up with.

You could use acrylic paint to make them colorful and to put designs of your choice on them.

3. Rope drink coasters

A couple rope designs.

Those of us who love rustic designs would be happy with these beautiful rope coasters. They’re not only easy to make but the materials are quite inexpensive and easy to find. Their rustic look makes them particularly great for outdoors.

Try gluing the rope onto a craft foam base to make it slip-resistant.

4. Emojis

A set of emoji.

Now that emojis are so in fashion, what better way to use them than as table decor. All you need to make them is a template and a couple of pieces of craft foam. Likewise, you could easily capture your favorite emoji with a pencil if you can draw.

Cut several circles of black craft foam and then use yellow foam for the faces.

5. Mini pallets

A design made with sticks.

These aren’t your typical wooden pallets but they make really cute drink coasters. All you need to make them is popsicle sticks. You can easily arrange them and glue them with glue or liquid silicone.

Paint them in all sorts of colors and patterns if you don’t like the pallet’s look.

6. Cork

A design made with corks.

Are you one of those people who likes wine and you often end up with lots of wine corks? Don’t throw them in the trash, just give a different function. Attach several corks to a round or square wooden base to give shape to your drink coasters.

You could also fasten the sides surrounding the coaster with a rope or ribbon to make them even prettier.

7. Cardboard drink coasters

Printed cardboard designs.

Cardboard is one of the best, easy to find, materials you can use to make drink coasters. Generally, most paper is very simple to work with and you can do a lot of things with it. However, the downside is these coasters won’t last too long. But, you can cut it or fold it in to get your own custom design.


Similarly, you could stick a piece of adhesive book cover plastic to the cardboard to keep it from deteriorating.

8. Lids

Drink coasters made with lids and cork.

Finally, you probably already have many lids from all sorts of food products in your kitchen, so don’t throw them in the trash. Use your creativity instead and turn them into coasters. Obviously, they must be wide enough to support the base of a glass.

You could paint the recycled lids to change their look and give them some style. If you like, you could use stickers, either bought ones or just make your own.

So, which one of these ideas did you like the most? As you can see, they’re a great alternative for recycling any extra materials you might have at home. These objects are, in fact, quite practical because they’ll keep moisture away from your furniture and tablecloths.

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