Defying Gravity - Types of Cascade Lamps

If you want to choose a different type of decorative object for your home, cascade lamps are the way to go. Their visually appealing quality provides the perfect touch.
Defying Gravity - Types of Cascade Lamps

Last update: 22 March, 2021

Lighting your home is an important aspect of home decoration, both in terms of light quality and aesthetics. In this article, we’re going to discuss the main types of cascade lamps, which defy gravity through their structures.

Generally, we tend to decorate our homes with floor, table, or pendant lamps. Chandeliers are the most common, especially in homes with a classic decorative style. Why not change things up and seek more interesting alternatives?

After all, a little bit of change doesn’t hurt. Installing cascade lamps in your home would give it a more original look. What’s most important is that you think outside the box and explore other decorative concepts.

Why a cascade lamp?

Choose the lamp that provides the best lighting for your home.

As its name suggests, cascade lamps hang from the ceiling. However, they possess one major difference that sets them apart from other lamps. In fact, they have a certain shower-like appearance, as if water is falling from the lamps. For this reason, that’s why they are called “cascade” lamps.

When installing a cascade lamp, keep its height and size in mind. Those are two major considerations when deciding where to place the lamp. The lamp shouldn’t hinder you from comfortably moving about your house. Nor should it cause disharmony with other decorative objects.

Shake things up in your home by using cascade lamps to boost its overall aesthetic. 

4 types of cascade lamps

Hanging bulbs that look like a waterfall

We’re now going to explore four types of cascade lamps that have gained dominance within the market. They are, without a doubt, visually appealing, due to their appearance and the light they emanate.

  • The first type of cascade lamp has small bars with balls that fall like drops of water. The drops hang in the air, as if in a snapshot.
  • Another type has different glass bars that create a curtain around the bulb, keeping it hidden. Its shape offers a unique structure and naturalistic sense.
  • Then, there are those with a single circular, rectangular, or oval shape, from which several thin sheets of glass hang. You can also find these types of lamps with several modules and small bulbs hanging down.
  • The last type is suspended, consisting of small skylights with a cylindrical, cubic, or spherical shape. They don’t have many bulbs, which results in reduced lighting.

Where to place cascade lamps

You must carefully consider where to place cascade lamps.

You can’t just install cascade lamps anywhere in your home. We don’t recommend placing them in the center of any room. This can disrupt the overall harmony of that particular space. Therefore, you should definitely contemplate the best areas to put them.

If your home is a chalet with two floors, the stairwell is the perfect location. In case you prefer to place them in a specific area, you can put them in the corner of the room.

The online market – the best place to find cascade lamps

Finding these types of lamps in street stores may be difficult. Yes, they are common in lighting stores. However, the choices are extremely limited. You should look to the Internet instead, where you can find a wide variety of cascade lamps.

The websites that offer cascade lamps describe them in great detail, including measurements. This is great if you’re the type of person who likes to know every detail about what you’re purchasing. Amazon, IDF Design, Luz Sevilla Lamps, and Luz Vintage are the go-to online stores for cascade lamps.

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