3 Ideas for Modern Doorknobs and Furniture Handles

If you're thinking about making some small changes to your house but aren't quite sure of what to do, try switching the handles on your furniture. It couldn't be simpler and the results will be beautiful.
3 Ideas for Modern Doorknobs and Furniture Handles

Last update: 10 October, 2018

Handles or doorknobs are the little things that can change any room. Believe it or not, they’re a small detail that can give a home a completely different feeling.

Before, people often overlooked handles. People just saw them as a mere object that didn’t amount to anything greater than their function. Today, however, they’ve become decorative elements that are always used in the projects of big name designers. We can find more and more types of handles with different finishes at home improvement stores. They mark the difference between a modern, stylish home and one that’s just mediocre. Handles are the perfect details for any home.

In today’s post, we’ll give you some ideas for furniture handles. Get inspired and add a personal touch to your furniture!

1. Typical handles

Typical handles are more akin to antique doorknobs. Remember the wooden ones at your grandma’s house? Well, they’re back and updated with a rustic feel for a more elegant and refined air. Just like fashion, everything in home design comes back and these handles aren’t an exception. Old-fashioned items with a hint of modernity couldn’t be more in-style right now.

The most common materials used in typical handles are wood, iron and metal. They’re all very versatile and look incredible on doors. They’ll also work great with wooden doors with glass windows.

handles classic style
Typical handles / leroymerlin.es

Handles with a nickle finish are another traditional variety that we love. They’re a subtle, but lovely option to add an air of familiarity to your home decor.

To get an idea of the variety available, click here (link in Spanish) to see the selection of typical handles at Leroy Merlin. They all have follow the same style and we’re sure that they’ll grace your door with tradition.

2. Little details are in

These might be our favorite on our list today. They give a little life and color to handles – and we love that. Floral detail on handles adds a playful yet elegant touch to any home. If you choose to be a bit more daring and play with color, your door could look perfect.

We’ve been seeing plenty of blue handles this season. As we’ve mentioned in other posts, blue couldn´t be more popular right now. Blue details create a marine chic feel in a room and break up the more mundane colors in any home. It simply creates that Ibizan atmosphere that we just love.

Handle blue detail
Marine knob / leroymerlin.es

A popular trend these days is hand-painting doorknobs for an artisan look. If you’re crafty, you could try painting whatever you like on your own doorknobs. All you need to do is find an old one that’s laying around to give it a new lease of life.

3. The most elegant handles: porcelain

Porcelain is one of our favorite materials for handles. They are so discrete and delicate, giving an air of elegance to the furniture that they grace.

Recently in the world of handles, we’re seeing a lot of the color gold. People often use gold handles with white furniture or lighter woods. The handles shake up the color palette a little, providing the room with contrast.

Handles porcelain
Vintage handles / leroymerlin.es

They go great with dressers or vanity tables and especially on restored furniture pieces. You could give this kind of furniture some very authentic vintage detail with  new handles.


As you’ve read in our post today, handles give us that extra something for our home decor. Fast, easy and most importantly, cheap. If you want to change something, replacing your handles is a great idea. You won’t need to start a huge home project to tweak the atmosphere or style. We always say that less is more and that you can change your home’s look with small details. Your furniture, drawers and doors will look completely different with new handles.

They only thing left for you to do is to look for a handle that you like and start swapping! Go on and give this small change a try!