Types of Frames to Beautify Your Home

In this article, discover all the types of frames that exist to beautify your home. Your walls will never look the same again!
Types of Frames to Beautify Your Home

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Paintings are a favorite resource to dress walls. They’re very colorful and can have personal elements that are the main focus. However, sometimes, people ignore the frames. This is why we decided to show you the different types of frames to beautify your home.

Normally, people use frames to protect their paintings or photographs. However, you can use them as another decorative element of your home. This is a very versatile resource because this allows you to decorate any room: your living room, bedrooms, or entrance hall.

Nowadays, you can find a wide range of paintings, meaning you can pick the one that best suits your room or personality. Below, we show you the main types of frames that you can find in decoration shops.

Make your favorite pictures and paintings stand out with the perfect frames!

Vintage frames, nostalgia on your walls

Empty frames.

If you have an old or inherited frame, you should use it. Remember that vintage is in! This probably isn’t the first time you’ve seen it as a decorative trend.

Vintage frames give your rooms a nostalgic touch. Within this trend, you can find a variety of styles, materials, and shapes, which is why it isn’t difficult to find a frame of this style that suits your personality.

  • Metal frames. These are some of our favorites since the luster of the metal brightens the photo or painting you’re framing.
  • Crochet frames. These are perfect if you love DIY.
  • Shabby chic frames. These frames are perfect to give any room a homey feel. They’re characterized by a very distinctive feminine touch. You can find wooden ones with flowers or spirals. Popular shades are pastels, such as rosewood or light blue.

Rustic frames, traditional warmth

A rustic frame.

Another style that people like in the world of decoration is the rustic style.  These types of frames are perfect for an authentic, classic, or raw style.

As with vintage frames, you can find numerous options and models. However, they all have something in common: the use of natural elements, such as raffia, rope, cork, and wood. Some examples of rustic frames are:

  • Frames made from pallets. This is one of the most interesting DIY trends. These frames, apart from giving a rustic touch to your rooms, are one of the cheapest options as you can make them yourself using inexpensive materials.
  • Frames made with twine. People associate these frames with a nautical or navy style. However, they can fit with any room design.
  • Frames made from a single piece of wood. These are ideal to highlight the importance of nature in decoration. They are characterized by exposing the imperfections of the wood, such as the grain, which enhances its character.
  • Frames with wine corks. These are some of the most original frames you can make. They are the perfect gift for people who love good wine.

Minimalist frames, ideal for minimalist decoration

A few minimalist frames on a wall.

Minimalism is characterized by the simplicity of its forms. For this reason, minimalist frames have the power to go unnoticed so that the attention is on the painting or photograph.

But what are these frames like? Despite being discrete, a minimalist frame can provide an elegant and unique touch to your rooms. Although there are several models, most of them have the following characteristics:

  • They’re monochromatic. The simplicity of color is one of the emblems of this style. Generally, the colors that predominate are black and white.
  • Straight and stylized lines. In these frames, you’re not going to find sinuous, curving shapes as with vintage frames. Instead, they have straight and simple lines.
  • Decorative austerity. These frames have no decorative excess. Some are simply composed of a complete sheet of glass.