Musical Decoration Ideas for Your Home

Are you a music lover? Do you want to give your home a fun theme? Look no further: there are lots of great ways to use musical things to decorate a home.
Musical Decoration Ideas for Your Home

Last update: 28 June, 2019

What would our lives be like without music? It’s an art that’s for more than just our ears. There are also ways to give music a tangible shape in your home, in unique, alternative, and interesting ways. We’re talking about musical decoration, and if you’re interested, keep reading to see how to make it happen in your home!

There are two varieties. First, you can try to create a theme in your home with musical objects and images. The idea is for every room to have specific, music-related content. The second option is to use music in a less obvious way, and more as an artistic touch for the rooms in your home.

Following this decorative idea can help you create a scheme completely set apart from traditional, commercial interior design. The point is to get away from that and find other ways to give your home the uniqueness and originality it needs.

Musical decoration ideas for your home

Vinyl decals

Vinyl stickers on a wall showing the various options on a CD or DVD player.

You’ll mostly see people using vinyl decals on their walls with things like nature, city skylines, famous movie characters, and so on. But there’s another option too. Musical images and similar things make for perfect vinyl decals to put on your wall. 

  • Treble clef: we can all agree that this is the most recognizable musical symbol. There are lots of vinyl decals with this symbol, some simple and some over-the-top. Whichever direction you go in, it’ll give your house a nice, artistic look.
  • Staff: you can go for a minimalist version of this with just the lines and nothing else. But there’s also another option, which is to have a staff with musical notes. That will create a sense of movement and liven up the area. 
  • Multiple themes: another good option is to combine music with another theme. For example, you could have a staff with some wildflowers growing out of it. In this case, you’re combining nature with music, but you can take this idea in any direction you want!

Musical instruments

People holding up musical instruments.

If you’re a musician, why not use some of the instruments you don’t play anymore? You can hang them up on the wall, put them in a display cabinet, or just display them on a shelf. This is a great way to show the pride you have in your instruments.

There are also other options, though. One thing we like is to use vinyl decals in the shape of an instrument like an electric guitar. Or, you could get a lamp made out of an instrument–neon signs in the form of a guitar or a saxophone are really popular. You could even use the parts of a drum kit to make lamp bells.

One other option would be to hang up pictures of musical instruments. It was very common to paint portraits of musicians with their instruments in the 18th and 19th centuries. It’s basically just a simple way to show your love for music.

Without music, life would be a mistake.”


Clocks made out of records

A stack of vinyl records.

Of course, we couldn’t write about musical decoration without mentioning a classic: vinyl records. They also have several different uses thanks to their aesthetic and the different images and colors on each one.

One interesting idea is to use a record to make a clock. You can paint lines on the surface to mark the hours and minutes, just like a normal clock. From there, you just need to put a clock mechanism in the middle, to move the hands. The result will take you by surprise, and it has a nice vintage touch.

A piano hanger

Piano keys as a hanger.

Piano keys are also a super flexible decor option. They’re also one of those things that go perfectly in a musical decor scheme. Plus, they’ll spark the curiosity of anyone who comes to visit because of how original, unique, and striking they look.

  • One option would be to hang up the white keys (made of wood or porcelain) and have the black ones sticking outwards. This has a truly innovative aesthetic.
  • You could also paint piano keys on one wall and add the clothes hangers to the wall on top of the keys. This is a much simpler option and doesn’t take as much effort as the other.

Musical notes made from corks

Corks in the shape of musical notes.

We’ve mentioned the treble clef, the staff, and instruments, but what about musical notes? These are a universal symbol of music too, after all. So, it’s no surprise that they’re one of the most common things people turn to when they’re creating musical decoration in their home.

You can use them in several ways. We’re just going to show you one of our favorite ideas for now. The idea is to take your used corks and put them together in a way that creates musical notes. You can make them as big or as small as you want and hang them up on the wall. It all depends on how you want it to look!