Balancing Room Decor: Pianos

Have a piano and no idea where to put it or how to decorate the space accordingly? We'll teach you how in our post today.
Balancing Room Decor: Pianos

Last update: 10 May, 2019

If you have any pianists in the family you might be asking yourself: how in the world can I fit the piano into my home decor? Pianos come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. Wooden framed upright pianos are the most common.

You have to place pianos strategically in a room in order to play it comfortably. In addition, you should also think about how it matches with the rest of your home.

When factoring this instrument into home decor, consider factors like lighting and how much space your home has. You should also think about the material and colors that will match your piano. We have some tips to help you create beautiful decor with your piano in mind.

Fitting a piano into your home decor

You need to integrate your piano into your home decor in a way that showcases the instrument while matching with the rest of your decorative elements as well.

piano home decor

Look for the right corner

First, even before moving your piano, you need to take a good look at the space you have available in your home. Choose the most suitable room. Consider the living room, a bedroom, study or playroom as viable options. Make sure the room has enough natural and artificial lighting to ensure a comfortable playing  environment.

If you have an upright piano, push it against a wall to create more space. Keep your instrument safe from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. Floors with radiant heating and direct sunlight damage pianos and can make them go out-of-tune.

If you have a grand piano, you’ll need to take even more precautions. These are big instruments and normally are dark in color. Try finding the perfect spot for them in a wide, open living room.

Choose the right colors

Normal piano colors are brown, white and black. If you have a black piano, try adding light colors to your room decor. You could paint your walls white and add white or natural-toned curtains and seating. By balancing with light colors, your black piano will stand out and the room will look bigger as well.

piano grand

Create a beautiful space for your piano

If you want to set your piano against a wall or in a corner, add other decorative objects to the area as well. A great idea is putting it against the wall and decorating it with musical decoration pieces.

Or, you can hang a big picture on the wall and add string lights. They’ll create a warm, comfortable feel to enjoy music at home. Set a standing lamp up next to your piano to brighten up the musical corner with warm lighting.

Adding small decorative objects on the top of your piano is another option. Use light objects that you can remove easily. Heavy objects might damage your instrument and hinder you from opening it when necessary. Try using vases, small potted plants or stands to hold your music.

piano decor ideas

Use a matching bench

If you don’t already have a piano bench, look for a matching option. Try to find one that has the same color as your piano. If you have an old bench, now’s a great opportunity to restore it. Paint it black, brown or white to create a matching set. If you want, you could also upholster it with colorful prints for original detail.

As you’ve read with us today, there are plenty of ways to fit pianos into home decor. You can create warm, relaxing spaces by using the right colors and objects together. Always remember to keep your piano safe from extreme temperatures. Play around with color, texture, contrasts and enhance your home’s musical ambiance!