Different Ways to Decorate Your Home Entrance

When it comes to decorating the entrance of our home, there are tons of styles, designs, etc that come to mind...We'll leave you with a small selection of designs that might perk your interest.
Different Ways to Decorate Your Home Entrance

Last update: 02 October, 2018

Though we’ve already briefly mentioned home entrance decor in other posts, this time we’re going to center more on the different styles that you can consider as well as the furniture or complimenting pieces for decorating your home’s entrance.

As we all know, the entrance of a home is the first thing that guests see. Being the first view, an entrance gives off an initial image or impression of who we are, so we should make an effort to make it look nice.

Creating a certain sense of visual consistency with the rest of the house is important to maintain the same style throughout all areas. Below, we’ll leave you with some decoration ideas and trends that you can use to decorate the entrance of your home.

A natural touch

The natural trend is more and more popular. For this look, you can find plant-patterned  wallpaper for the walls of your home entrance. We recommend using lighter colors on the other walls. Furthermore, using plants in an entrance can really leave an impression, regardless of their size.

When it comes to the furniture, you should make your selection while being conscious of materials. The most preferred choices are wood, cork, wicker, rattan or glass. However, natural fibers reign for the most part. You can also opt for complementing pieces that are made of these materials, such as rugs and baskets… you can find them in many stores.

Entrance decoration materials

Decorating your entrance with Feng Shui

As we’re all aware, Feng Shui aims to improve the atmosphere by promoting health and our home’s energy balance.

Feng Shui shows us positive influences and how to redirect the negative ones. The balance depends completely on our choice and placement of furniture and decorative pieces.

Here are some recommendations:

  • Use a mirror, preferably with a frame.
  • Your door should be solid to prevent bad vibes entering your home.
  • Avoid using mirrors, staircases, doors and windows in front of the main door to maintain a sense of security and comfort.
  • The colors of your entrance should be in line with colors that are found in nature. So, you should mainly use colors such as blue and light green, salmon, pale pink, grey or white.

Decorating your entrance with a Nordic flare

We’d like to show you some ideas on decorating with a Nordic design, which has been very trendy in the past years. White is going to be a main player everywhere from the walls to furniture. You can match it with pastel colors, grey and blue tones… remember that colors can influence our mood.

You can add color through rugs, curtains and other complementary pieces. If you want to add a modern look, you can use silver, gold or copper tones, mainly using your accenting pieces.

As for the materials that you can use, a common choice is untreated wood, such as the kind you can find at IKEA. Lastly, keep in mind that for a Nordic look, plants are very important, just as they are for a natural style.

Industrial style

If you live in a loft, or just want to imitate the style, you can opt for the industrial style. To pull it off, try finishing (at least) one of your walls in brick,  or painted a natural or another color (such as white) for a brighter space.

Talking about furniture, you should look for vintage  pieces; they go well with the industrial look. In addition to matching, they’re easy to find at flea markets or at secondhand stores.

To compliment the look, you can choose copper objects such as light fixtures, pots or other containers. If you also have pipes on view, they’ll look great with the design. You can also buy medium-sized wood or metal letters to fix onto a board.

Entrance design industrial

As you’ve read in our post today, there are plenty of styles that you could use to decorate the entrance of your home. You just need to pick one that’ll look great throughout your home to avoid visual clashing between rooms.

Also, remember that there are furniture and basic complementary pieces to help: recliners, benches, mirrors, coat-hangers, umbrella bins… You just need to consider how much space you have available to use accordingly.