Storage Solutions For Small Bedrooms

While it's true that the closet is the key piece of any bedroom, it's usually not enough. Learn about storage solutions for small bedrooms and multiply your space.
Storage Solutions For Small Bedrooms

Last update: 09 June, 2021

Keeping all your things in order can be very difficult, especially when you don’t have a lot of space. This time, we’ll bring you some great storage solutions for small bedrooms.

A closet isn’t always enough, because you need to have your bedroom organized and, you’ll also want to create a beautiful, harmonious space. For all of these reasons, keep reading!

The importance of storage for small bedrooms

The closet will always be the area that offers you the greatest storage capacity. So if you don’t have much space in the bedroom, you should plan this well. Make the most of this space and ensure it covers all of your needs.

One tip is to extend your closet to the ceiling. It’ll give you additional space. For small bedrooms, a trick that’ll also add visual breadth is to use mirrored doors or paint them the same color as the walls.

While it’s true that a closet is the key piece of any bedroom, it’s usually not enough. Therefore, we’re going to tell you how you can multiply that much-needed space.

Storage solutions for small bedrooms

Furniture with wallpaper

The dresser and you: a love story

We can’t think of furniture that’s more capable than dressers. They’re simple, decorative and their drawers allow you to have everything in order in a small space. Depending on your needs, consider the number of drawers you need and the required format.

They’re the best complement for your bedroom since a dresser allows you to have folded clothes and leaves the closet free for clothes that you need to hang.

Trunks, the perfect storage solution for small bedrooms

Trunks are decorative and capable; in fact, did you know that they’re the predecessor of the dresser? Therefore, they’re a great idea to add a personal touch to your bedroom and add space to organize your belongings.

If you place one at the foot of the bed, you’ll also have a sitting area with practical storage for shoes; can you ask for more from one piece?

The headboard wall: wasted space

If you need space to create order, the headboard wall and the headboard itself will offer you a great opportunity. On the one hand, you can install a shelf that helps you keep your books tidy.

On the other, there are headboards available that already incorporate storage space.

Storage solutions for small bedrooms: trundle beds

Bed with drawers to store objects.

For small bedrooms, trundle or chest beds, or those with drawers underneath, are super useful. They give you a lot of capacity to store, for example, your bedding.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to leave a little space around it so that you can access it comfortably. There are many models that can be adjusted to suit your specific needs.

Some extra tips

  • If you don’t want to change your headboard for one that includes storage space, add some shelves, and hooks to it. You can store your accessories here.
  • The same with the bed: if yours isn’t a chest type and you don’t plan on changing it, you can put boxes underneath to store sheets, quilts, or the clothes that you don’t wear very often.
  • Benches are also super useful when it comes to providing a little more space. If they’ve also got shelves, add some natural fiber or fabric baskets to store small objects.

As you’ve already seen, there are many storage options for small bedrooms. All of these ideas will help you to maintain order and will give your space an added bonus.

Make sure that the storage you choose suits the rest of your decor. Add decorative items and bet on neutral tones or soft colors so as not to saturate.

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