Trundle Beds - The Best Way to Save Space

A trundle bed offers all kinds of structural and aesthetic possibilities. If you're thinking about ways to save space and decorate a bedroom, consider a trundle bed.
Trundle Beds - The Best Way to Save Space

Last update: 10 January, 2020

Bedrooms have so many decor possibilities. But be sure to avoid accumulating furniture pieces and objects and make sure you have space to move around comfortably. Trundle beds are a great solution for saving space.

While they might not be the most common type of bed, they’re becoming popular thanks to their convenience as well as for their functional and aesthetic possibilities.

What you should really aim to create in a bedroom is a spacious, comfortable setting with the right decor. If you can check all of those characteristics off your list, you can enjoy a harmonious atmosphere that boasts organization and well-being.

Main features of trundle beds

trundle beds characteristics

Before we explain exactly what a trundle bed is, we first need to clarify that they can have many different formats. These can adapt specifically to a room and at the same time, contribute something special to its decor.

  • Trundle beds usually consist of a mattress, bed frame and a lower structure that has storage space. Some models may also have a headboard or another decorative element at the foot of the bed.
  • The bed area usually fits on top and ends of the entire structure and sits like a shelf. As a result, the structure offers plenty of space and combines two important pieces of bedroom furniture in one.
  • Trundle beds are head-turners. They’ll definitely steal the show in any bedroom decor. These special beds are very original but don’t forget that they’ve actually been around for some time now. Their designs have evolved and today, you can enjoy new models.

With a trundle bed, you can make the most of your bedroom space.

Where can you set them up?

trundle bed place

Trundle beds belong in bedrooms. It wouldn’t make much sense to set them up in another room as they’re for rest and sleep.

  • Adult bedrooms – trundle beds aren’t common for adult rooms but you can find all kinds of models that will work in this room. However, you’ll likely find smaller beds rather than bigger ones for couples.
  • Children’s bedrooms – children’s rooms are perfect for trundle beds. They’re fun and offer all kinds of decor possibilities. You can also fit them into a special theme or color palette. Children love them.
  • Single room – regardless of your age, you can find a trundle bed that’s perfect for you. If you’re looking for something original you’re sure to find something you like!

Multiple sleeping spaces

trundle bed multiple

Trundle bed structures are very compact and help save space or make the most of interior areas, like the space under the bed.

You can use that space to store an extra bed that you can pull out when you need it. They’re great for guest rooms because they both save space and have an extra bed handy.

You can even find models that hold a total of three beds. It’s pretty cool to see how a single structure can store away extra mattresses. They’re practical and fascinating at the time.

Trundle beds sure are surprising– especially because of their space-saving capacity.

Adding on bunk beds

trundle beds bunk beds

If you combine trundle beds with bunk beds, you’ll have a very original structure. The combination will require plenty of space both length- and height-wise. The structure should never make it difficult to walk around the room.

In most designs, the lower bed has a standard format but the upper bed can sit either straight or slightly slanted on top. By using the upper space for another bed, you can fit two beds in one space.

Use a ladder or little staircase that features drawers in its steps to access the top bunk. You can also install a small set of drawers in between the two beds.

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