Make The Most Of Your Child's Room

As children grow up, they no longer identify with their childhood rooms. Therefore, we want to share ideas to adapt their rooms.
Make The Most Of Your Child's Room

Last update: 29 August, 2020

You need to adapt a child’s room to their needs as they grow. To do this, you’ll need to reorganize, redistribute items, and create a new aesthetic according to your child’s personality.

When children grow up, in addition to new furniture, they can also make certain choices about their own room. These ideas can help you create a private comfort zone and organize it more easily.

Ideas to make the most of your child’s room

A light room

A light and romantic child's room.

You can organize your child’s room around a window, to make the most of the natural light. For walls and curtains, go for white as this will enhance the light in the bedroom.

When decorating, you can choose stylish furniture. For example, what about an iron bed painted white or a white, wooden headboard?

Plenty of storage

A child's room needs plenty of storage.

The idea is to create a functional bedroom. We suggest using a trundle bed that can double as a sofa.

Also, you can choose a large bedside table with wheels that gives children enough space to store their clothes and books. Another option is a desk with a removable peninsula. This can double the room’s space.

Child’s room with a double trundle bed and extra drawers

A child's room with lots of storage.

It’s always a good idea when planning a child’s room to have an extra bed. One way to do this is with a trundle bed. In addition to two beds, they can include drawers to store blankets or cushions.

To continue with the look, it’s a good idea to install a bookcase with exposed shelves that are built into the wall. You can also have a tabletop built-in as a study table. By doing this, you can create a very comfortable space.

Charming and practical details

A child's bedroom with lots of unique details.

One great way to create a unique look is to use a striped baseboard that dresses up the environment and gives it a very cheerful touch. Of course, you should choose colors that your child loves. How about navy blue and white stripes?

On the other hand, it’s best to curtains and rugs that match the colors of the skirting board. If you want to give it a preppy touch, you can choose a light-colored desk and a striped upholstered chair in the same colors. What a beautiful room!

Light-colored furniture with a rustic finish

Furniture with a rustic look fits very well in a child’s room. In addition, light colors or paint are best suited to small rooms.

Now, you just need to choose fabrics. What about checkered curtains? However, a bedspread for the bed in ecru tones and cushions of different sizes using the same fabrics as the curtains could be a good choice. But there are many different options!

A child’s room designed to save space

A beautiful home office.

There are lots of designs that demonstrate, even with little space, you can organize a great study area so your child can work comfortably.

To do this, you can design a free-floating table under the window that faces the bed. For example, beech can give the bedroom a light look.

A trundle bed with a folding headboard

A trundle bed with a folding headboard is great for a child's room.

A good idea for a child’s bedroom is one that includes a trundle bed that has a practical headboard dresser. This isn’t just a bed, but also a great way to store your child’s items.

One advantage is that they can also use it as a bedside table. Finally, we suggest fitting a high pedestal of lacquered wood slats to protect the wall and brighten the corner.

A large independent study area

A study area in your child's room can be a great place for your kids.

If you have a large, spacious room, you can divide it into independent zones and unify them with different colors or decorative elements. For example, in one area you can place the bed and in the other, you can create a study area.

This way, the study area takes up the brightest area of the room. In fact, you can install a wide, “L”-shaped desk that will look great. Then, you can use the darker area of the room as the bedroom.

These ideas to create a child’s room suit any style. The most important thing is that, when redecorating, you respect your child’s tastes and create a beautiful, functional bedroom.

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