How to Choose the Right Bed for You

Getting a good night's sleep is a key part of staying healthy. That makes it very important to know how to pick the right bed for you.
How to Choose the Right Bed for You

Last update: 08 May, 2019

We all like to sleep well, and we all need to recharge our batteries before we face the next day. This is why it’s so important to choose the right bed for you, so you can get the most restful sleep possibleYour mind and body will thank you for it, too.

Having a nice, comfy bed can truly help you feel better every day. You shouldn’t put up with an uncomfortable bed. The right kind of mattress and bed frame are out there waiting for you if you know what to look for. If a good bed is part of getting good night’s sleep, and sleep is a vital part of health and well-being, what more do we need to say?

If you have a low-quality bed or an old one, it’s time to change that and turn your life around. You may not believe it, but you’ll start to have a more positive view of life and feel better in general. Your mood will improve no end. 

The importance of having a good bed

A close-up pictures shows a bed with various pillows resting on top of it, with an industrial copper style of accessories.

There’s a saying about how you should get a new bed every 10 years. But that’s not always true. Because a bed has a structure that has to support your weight night after night, it could start to wear out more quickly or take longer than 10 years. So, have a look at what state your bed’s in before you do anything. 

Of course, if you want to choose the right bed for you, you shouldn’t sacrifice aesthetics. This is where you’ll want to find a balance between the decorative aspects, the practicality, and the quality of the bed. These 3 concepts should be the main focus of your bedroom.

Remember: getting healthy sleep is the key, but having a bed you like will also help you relax and enjoy your bedroom environment. The color and format determine the decorative style. 

It’s funny how important a bed is in our lives. You should always invest in the best bed for yourself, if you can.

What’s the best material for you?

When you're trying to choose the right bed for you, it's important to know what materials are in a good bed, as symbolized by this diagram of the various components of a mattress.

When you’re looking for a mattressyou should especially focus  on what materials it is made of. It’s also important to know what the basic characteristics of a good mattress are. Here are some things to look out for:

  • Firstly, never go for a mattress that’s made of only one material. Nowadays, manufacturers make beds with multiple layers, using a combination of materials to give you all the comfort you need.
  • Latex is an interesting material. There are lots of manufacturers using it in their mattresses now, because it’s flexible, tough, and has an innovative, unique touch. It helps prevent allergies and bed bugs.
  • You’ll also see some with pocket springs. These are also an interesting option because they help air flow more freely. They can also handle a person’s weight pretty well, and stay firm even when you move around in bed.
  • Airgocell foam is a fascinating new material that’s amazingly flexible and comfortable.
  • What if your mattress sinks? This means that it doesn’t have much high-density foam in it. Having a layer of that helps hold up the upper layers and keeps your bed feeling much more firm.
  • Viscoelastic memory foam is definitely one of the most comfortable options out there and isn’t terribly expensive either.

Tips on how to choose the right bed frame

A picture shows a pair of twin bed frames connected to make a larger bed with mattresses on top.

If you want to choose the right bed frame for yourself, you need to think about the type and how firm it is compared to the mattress. There are two basic types worth considering:

  • Wooden bed frames. This could be in a traditional format, or multi-slatted. Either of the two options will help you sleep much better because they’ll sink a bit over time and can handle your weight.
  • The other options are metal slatted bed frames. Unlike wooden ones, these don’t sink and are firm, tough bed frames that generally last a bit longer. They’re very common in hostels and camping grounds.

So, what’s better, a metal or wooden bed frame? The honest truth is that they’re both good, but you just need to determine whether you need a firm, rigid bed or one that’s softer and more flexible.

How to decorate your room for the best sleep

It's important to choose the right bed for yourself, but knowing how to decorate matters too, as symbolized by this minimalist bedroom decor in the picture.

You’ll obviously want your bed to look pleasant because comfort is just as much about the physical side as it is the decorative side. Your bed could be big or small, round or square, the important thing is not to forget about using it as decoration just because it’s a mattress.

You should always try to choose the best materials for your bed, including the bedsheets. This way, you’ll get a night of healthy sleep, and take good care of both your mind and body.

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