Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Child's Bedroom Spotless

Keep your child's bedroom spotless with the tips that we've prepared for you. Just remember the importance of choosing appropriate materials, objects, and products to make cleaning easy.
Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Child's Bedroom Spotless

Last update: 18 May, 2021

If there’s a space that’s especially difficult to clean, it’s your child’s bedroom! Clutter takes over and it’s not easy to maintain hygiene. For this reason, you’ll certainly be interested in these cleaning tips designed to help you keep your child’s bedroom spotless.

Find out the keys to keeping this room neat and clean, regardless of your child’s age and the types of activities your little one enjoys. Do you accept our challenge?

Mission: keep your child’s bedroom spotless

Plans to be at home

The needs of your children are changing. First, they’re happy being around their parents, but as they become older they find a safe place in their bedroom. In it, they spend long hours playing, doing homework, or making it a haven where they can exchange confidences with their friends.

With all these needs, you must remember that it’s a space that deserves a lot of attention. Thus, in addition to routine general cleaning, it’s also convenient to include a daily review so that dirt and clutter don’t accumulate. The furniture you choose, the way to place it… everything will be key to facilitate the task.

What furniture is the most suitable?

Surely, you usually see the magazine bedrooms, always perfect and immaculate… is that even possible? The truth is that there are beautiful pieces of furniture and accessories to decorate children’s bedrooms, but you shouldn’t forget to always choose practical, resistant, washable elements and materials.

Avoid delicate finishes such as lacquers, since they can deteriorate more easily. It’s better to choose melamine furniture. It’s a material that can be cleaned with any product and is resistant to shocks, scratches, and other occurrences.

What about being orderly?

Children can learn to be orderly, especially when learning by example, so you shouldn’t despair. However, you have to make it as easy as possible for them.

To do this, include storage solutions adapted to the size of the room. You can decorate with trunks, boxes, and baskets to classify and organize toys or use racks for their clothes. There are many options. Check out everything that IKEA has to offer.

Keeping your child’s room spotless… and the walls too

store in a children's room

You may be uninspired, but keeping the walls clean in your child’s bedroom is a necessity. Therefore, you should choose the type of coating or paint finish well.

There are stain-resistant and washable paints, as well as wallpapers with very cool and resistant designs. Vinyl is the most recommended for these difficult areas since it can be washed with a sponge, soap, and water.

Finally, another of the most practical ideas is to install wooden wainscoting in the lower part of the walls, since it is easier to clean and does not spoil.

And what about the flooring?

Without a doubt, flooring is one of the surfaces that you should pay attention to when cleaning. Children play on the ground all day, especially when they’re babies, as they crawl and sweep everything in their path.

It’s best to vacuum often and scrub with soapy water. Be careful if the floor is made of wood, as excess moisture could deteriorate it. Search for and use a specific product.

Keep your child’s bedroom spotless with ecological products

It’s best to use natural cleaning products in children’s bedrooms, as the chemicals may not be suitable to use around children. On the market, there are a large number of effective cleaners that are both safe and effective at the same time. In addition, they don’t harm the environment.

Vinegar and baking soda can go a long way in cleaning; it’s an amazing combination. The entire house can be clean and disinfected by using just a few natural and ecological cleaning products. If you use commercial cleaners, you should read the information to make sure they aren’t toxic.

Toys should also be cleaned frequently. You can put soft toys, such as stuffed animals in the washing machine or in soapy water. The same with textiles, but make sure you choose fabrics that can endure constant washing and wear and tear.

You’ll be able to keep your child’s bedroom spotless thanks to these tips. Just remember the importance of choosing the right types of materials, objects, and products you use, especially making sure they’re appropriate for little ones.

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